American Airlines Makes Changes to AAdvantage Program for 2021

American Airlines has announced some changes to its AAdvantage loyalty program. American is making elite status easier to achieve in 2021 and is introducing new rewards for its most loyal members.

AA Shutdown: Citi Account Closure Letters Mailed Out This Week

The latest chaper will hopefully be the last. Letters went out warning of AA shutdown Citi account closures, so these are your options.

American Airlines Tells Customer to Pay Up for 52 Cases of Hidden City Ticketing

Hidden City Ticketing or skiplagging is the practice of booking an itinerary where the stopover is the actual intended destination of the passenger. This trick often lets you travel for less, even though you are paying for a longer flight.

American Airlines to Use New Surface Coating that Kills Virus for 7 Days

Allied BioScience's SurfaceWise2 coating is now the first and only surface coating approved by the EPA for use to continuously protect against COVID-19 with a single application. It claims to keep surfaces virus-free for seven days.

American Airlines Warns of 25,000 Job Cuts

American Airlines announced some good news this morning for its customers, a partnership with JetBlue. But on the other hand, employees could be facing massive job cuts due to the effect of the pandemic on air travel.

Targeted – Free Platinum Status & Challenge From American Airlines

There are more free American Airlines platinum status offers going out via email again. My wife was targeted this time around. Details inside!

American Airlines Says It Shut Down Accounts Because of Elaborate Scheme

The document shows some interesting information on what American Airlines knows about its customers and how they were able to identify some of the people that they ended up shutting down.

American Airlines Miles Start Expiring Again Tomorrow, Unless You’re a Zoomer

Back in March, American Airlines paused mileage expiration as part of several measures to help its customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now mileage expiration for AAdvantage members has resumed again, and miles will begin expiring after 18 months of inactivity.