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Who doesn't love first class? Check out these best credit cards for first class upgrades and how they can help you sit up front next flight.

IHG Cuts Ties with 61 Lowest Performing Hotels

IHG Hotels and Resorts is cutting ties with some of the lowest performing properties in its portfolio.

Elite Status – The Travel Industry’s Brilliant Deception

Elite status is fun to achieve and experience. But is elite status overvalued? Here's why chasing elite status has gone too far for me.
Question: How Will My Current AA Status Chasing Roll Into New Program?

American Airlines Extends Status and Lowers Elite Qualifying Requirements

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the airline has extended elite status for current members through January 31, 2022. In addition, it is now easier to earn status in 2020.
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American Airlines Expands Economy Web Award Routes

I Can’t Decide If AAdvantage Changes Are Good or Bad Overall. What Do you...

American Airlines AAdvantage 2019 Program Changes: Elite Status and Earnings. Changes are a mixed bag Exec Plat is harder to attain but some flights will earn more EQDs and EQMs making other tiers easier to qualify for.

Chasing American AAdvantage Status For Less. My Plan to Meet the Latest Status Challenge...

Guide: Cheap Tricks American Airlines Status Requirements American Airlines AAdvantage sent out a really great targeted promotion last week offering limited time Gold Elite status with the option to complete reduced requirements for elite status...