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Southwest Schedule Extension Opens Up Travel Through Early October

Southwest Airlines extended its flight schedule today through October 4, 2023, and continues adding more service for customers.

Southwest Adds More Flights to Phoenix for Big Game

If you're planning to attend the Big Game, Southwest Airlines is adding more flights to get you there, hopefully on time.

Holiday Meltdown Will Cost Southwest More Than $1 Billion

The airline revealed Thursday that it will take a $1 billion hit due to lost revenue from the canceled flights, and refunds and reimbursements for passengers.

Southwest Shareholders Sue Airline for Providing Misleading Information

Shareholders of Southwest Airlines Co. have filed a class action lawsuit against the company today.

Department of Transportation Tells Southwest to Issue Refunds Within 60 Days

Southwest Airlines canceled about 16,700 flights between December 21 and December 31, which could cost the airline up to $825 million.
My Experience With Crazy Passengers On Airplanes (Flying Southwest)

Thinking Outside of the Box: The Crazy Way I Navigated Southwest’s Epic Meltdown!

Sometimes when the world implodes around you it pays to be proactive and to think outside of the box. What happened to me with Southwest is similar to many others, but the way I solved the problem was both crazy and unique.
Using Points And Miles As A Digital Nomad - Life On The Road Ch. 2

Southwest Goes After Wanderlog for Browser Extension

In early November, Wanderlog announced a Chrome extension that shows Southwest results on Google Flights searches.

Southwest Saying Sorry with 25,000 Points for Stranded Customers

Southwest is continuing its apology tour with free points. The airline’s latest offer to customers is a bonus of 25,000 points.