$100 Delta Credit For Some Seattle Residents – Check Your Email (Targeted)

There is a new $100 Delta credit offer that is being emailed to targeted members that live in the greater Seattle area.

Delta Loses Focus On Three Airports In Latest Vision Shakeup

Delta has lost focus on Nashville, Cincinnati & San Jose in their latest adjustments because of the pandemic and current travel levels.

(Extended) Delta Will Stop Blocking Middle Seats in First Half of 2021

The news comes as airlines are seeing higher travel demand in recent weeks. Daily passenger numbers reached almost 1 million on October 11, which is the highest since back in mid March.

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Is It Delta’s Turn to Shut Down Accounts?

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Delta CEO Threatens Rude Passengers with Lifetime Ban

CEO Ed Bastian has announced that the carrier will permanently ban passengers who disrespect fellow customers or crew on Delta flights.

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