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Who doesn’t love to travel? We circle the globe for pennies on the dollar and share our best tips, tricks and travel hacks to help you do the same. From our five star reviews to destination guides, we aim to help you both earn rewards and use them!

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One of the best ways to get inspired about travel is to read about the experiences of others. Miles/points give us the opportunity to have experiences we could have only dreamed about otherwise. We share those experiences in our reviews.

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Would you believe we hold elite status with over two dozen hotel, airline and car rental loyalty programs? Most of the time we don’t even earn the status but instead utilize status matches, promotions and credit card benefits to get us there. Here is some more info so you can not only travel, but get all of the perks along the way!

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Yes, loyalty programs are the backbone of the travel industry and we aim to take full advantage of them. Elite status is one thing, but sometimes there are one-off promotions or benefits we need to know about. Make sure to check out all of our loyalty posts below.

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When seeking flight compensation under EC261 in Europe, it's hard to get reimbursed if the airline lies. "Fake news" is Iberia's response to my claim.

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My travels have increased in luxury and in quantity in this hobby, but there's actually one thing I miss in / because of this hobby. I'm sure I'm not alone.