Why I’m Ready to Dump my Camera for my Phone While Traveling & My...

How Google Photos and the improvements in cameraphones have allowed me to dump my standalone camera while traveling.

Great Deal – Get a Portable Pocket Travel Router for less than $15 Shipped!

Newegg is currently offering a highly rates portable pocket travel router for less than $15. Use it when a hotel doesn't have WiFi or to use their faster wired connection.

Google to Launch Revolutionary Cell Service with Free International Data & More

Project Fi the new Google cell phone service is launching soon with free international data, tethering and you only pay for the data you use.
Pocket Casts

An App You Will Want On Your Next Trip: Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is a podcatching app which is available on both iOS and Android. It has a number of unique features which make it the best app of its type for travel.
USA Road Trip

3 Free Ways To Stay Connected On A Road Trip

Road trips are an American tradition. Hitting the road used to mean being disconnected for long periods of time or paying for an expensive plan, however that is no longer the case!
Favorite Power Adapter

One Thing I ALWAYS Take When Traveling Internationally

Find out one of the key items that I always take when traveling internationally and why I recommend a very specific one!

MTM Favorite Travel App – City Maps 2Go

Each Saturday I bring you one of my favorite travel apps. This week we talk about City Maps 2Go which provides offline maps with GPS & much more!