Another Data Breach – Uber Lost Your Confidential Info and Then Covered it Up!

57 million Uber customers hacked - Uber paid $100,000 to keep it quiet.
Chase Mobile App Referrals

Chase Friend Referrals Can Now Be Made Through the Mobile App

Chase Mobile App Referrals Chase has a decent referral program where you can earn valuable rewards for inviting your friends and family (or blog subscribers) to sign up for Chase Cards using your unique referral...

PayPal Overcharged Me – Are They Doing it to Others Too?

PayPal overcharged me on a recent peer to peer transaction. Is this a widespread issue?
Use MileagePlus X App and Earn Miles

How to Use the United MileagePlus X App and Earn Bonus Miles for Every...

A basic guide to using United's MileagePlus X App. Use in store for bonus miles on everyday spend and learn how to maximize earnings with a triple dip opportunity for online purchases.

Use Your Credit Card to Pay Friends With NO FEES Using Apple Pay, Too...

Coming Soon: No Fee Apple Pay Credit Card Payments to Friends, will this be a good way to increase credit card spend fee-free?

Map of WiFi Passwords from Airports & Lounges Worldwide!

How to get WiFi network names and passwords for airports worldwide in one place!

No More Camera, Dumping My Android & AT&T Access More to the Rescue!

Ditching a standalone camera while traveling & why the new iPhone 7 Plus's camera may be a step enough forward to finally get me to switch from Android.