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MoviePass Has Been Shutting Down User’s Accounts

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MoviePass Has Been Shutting Down User's Accounts

MoviePass Has Been Shutting Down User’s Accounts

It was reported last week by Market Watch that some MoviePass users found their accounts suspended when they went to use them at the theater.  MoviePass claims that they shut down users that had been abusing the program.

You can read my review on MoviePass here.

What Brought Down the Ban Hammer

MoviePass claims that it shut down users that had been abusing the program.  They said that the shut down members were doing one of the following:

  • Purchasing premium (3D etc) tickets with MoviePass, even making partial payments is a against the terms.
  • Using the MoviePass to buy tickets on Fandango
  • Purchasing other items with their MoviePass (candy, gift cards etc.)
  • Having multiple MoviePass accounts/cards to get others tickets too

A number of the people with canceled accounts went to Twitter to complain that they had done nothing wrong.  I am sure some of the people shut down were abusers and maybe others used the card at alarmingly high rates?  Only MoviePass and the shut down users know where the truth lies.

These shut downs come only a few weeks after MoviePass had a very public fight with AMC Theaters.  It led to MoviePass even removing the most popular AMC Theaters from the program in an effort to bring AMC to the bargaining table.  Some MoviePass card holders have reported AMC not allowing MoviePass users to use the Stubs program when paying with the MoviePass card.  Remember that you can use self checkout kiosks (if you have them) to get around this most of the time though.


MoviePass has really been blowing up after lowering the monthly fee from $50 down to just under $10.  They went from 20,000 members to 1,000,000 members in just a few months after slashing the price by 80%.  With growth comes pain and MoviePass has been having it’s share lately.

I still find a lot of value in the program but if you use it make sure you use it wisely.  It looks like they may be watching closely for heavy users and abusers.

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Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann is a father, husband and miles/points fanatic. He left the corporate world after starting a family in order to be a stay at home dad. Mark is constantly looking at ways to save money and stay within budget while also taking awesome vacations with his family. When he isn't caring for his family or taking a weekend trip, Mark is working towards his goal of visiting every Major League Baseball ballpark.

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  1. I got mine while in Orlando, FL. Since I am retired, it was a no brainer for me to go every day during the week at noon-ish and get out of the heat of the day. Going to Regal theaters was easy, $11-12 per movie plus points for attendance. I told my FB friends from the movie theater on what I was seeing and where, as we had several Regal theaters in town. 7 movies would equal a free ticket for my kids to join me periodically. AMC as well as other theaters in town, but not as liberal with their rewards programs so I stuck with Regal. I now attend in Gainesville, where I have 2 theaters to attend, again with no problems at all. Most attendees now are retired I’ve noticed. I love the program and hope it doesn’t change although I do wonder how they make money.

  2. I wish I had never bought these MoviePass’s. Too many rules, to much work to get to see a movie, doesn’t work (happened to me 3X); I’m using it, but usually end up with lousy seats because you have to use it at the last minute. Every month more and more restrictions. So will not be signing up when it expires.

    • I think it works better in smaller markets like where I live that have open seating or 1/2 empty theaters. Although I usually go on a weeknight when it isn’t very busy and I rarely see new movies the first week of release.

      • Don’t expect to see movies on the first week of release. However, I don’t often go on weeknights either. In order to play this game, you have to go get the tickets in advance that day; which is a REAL pain. A week ago, wanted to see 3 Billboards, went to get the tickets in advance and turns out they had loaded new software and it didn’t work, so had to pay instead! Oh well. Glad it works for you, at least for the time being. Plus doing these one at a time (there is 3 of us) and getting seats together is a pain. Once I use this up for what I paid for it, then goodbye.

        • True there are some downfalls for sure – I think some of it is location specific too. Sinemia may be a better fit for you since they let you buy tickets on Fandago but only 2 per month for $10

  3. Just a quick note to MoviePass users; It’s against AMC’s terms and conditions to use your Stubs card with tickets from MoviePass. An excerpt from T&C for Stubs, follows:
    1) Ineligible Purchases. The following purchases or products are NOT eligible toward earning points or redemption of rewards:
    AMC pre-paid discount, bulk or exchange tickets, Show Snack Coupons, passes or free admissions of any sort,
    subscriptions (including Movie Pass) or other discounted or bulk purchase items, either at the time of purchase
    OR time of redemption.

    • It will be interesting to see that battle play out between the two over the next few months. MoviePass is only going to get bigger which will give them more bargaining power.

  4. Hopefully they don’t shut down people that are using it by the rules. I was curious for example if they are cancelling accounts of heavy users that go to the movies 10+ times per month (legitimately).

    Does anyone know how they expect to ever be profitable? Many theaters are over $10+ just for one show so how do they ever expect to make money?

    • I got emails from Moviepass promoting the new movie Early Man. It probably suggested this instead of Black Panther because the last movie I saw on MoviePass was Coco.

      They are collecting data and building an audience and monitoring who responds to movie ads and (hopefully) purchase concessions at the movie theater. Their little fight with AMC is meant to show them (and other theaters) that they can drive people to (or away) from theaters.

      • I received the same promotions for Early Man. My guess is Moviepass is partnered with the film to push Moviepass members to see the film. This is part of the company’s overall profitability strategy. I don’t know if it will work, but I’m happy to see Early Man to help support the effort.

    • I think they get kick backs on movie tickets and concession sales from a lot of the theaters that accept it. AMC won’t offer them anything and that is why they have been fighting.

      • “However, MoviePass doesn’t make any money from subscribers once they’re at the theater – they don’t get a cut from commission sales, for example – so the service is expanding into other revenue channels.” – from William’s link.

        I have both but like Sinemia better – I can pre-buy tix as a couple on Fandango & earn cash back thru a portal, too.

        • I think that is their plan long term. They do want discounts on the tickets though.

          Sinemia is getting sued by MoviePass right now I believe. Isn’t it limited to 2 movies per month for $10 as well?

    • The average ticket price across the country is actually less than $10. I also read an article that said MoviePass found out that when people first register they might see 3-5 movies a month but within a few months the average comes down to just 1-2 movies. Another thing that’s changed that you wouldn’t notice if you already have MoviePass is it’s 8.95 per month now plus a $20 sign up fee but the BIG difference is their asking for the total amount for a year up front instead of paying monthly. When I signed up early February I got charged $9.95 to my card but a few days later when my friend tried to sign up during the promotion they have they were going to charge him $115 and some change which is the $7.95 x 12 + $20 sign up fee. My guess is their switching to this business model so they can start to generate funds up front from new users to help subsidize the ticket costs. In the article it also says as subscriptions grow it becomes more economical for the company.

  5. I mean it’s pretty simple, use it as its intended and you should be fine. Would it be easier to buy through fandango for reserve seating as opposed to going to the theater an hour early to buy the tickets? Of course. But if I use it outside of what it’s intended for and everyone else does too we’ll see them shut this down because it’s just not worth the trouble.


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