Is Ignorance Bliss When It Comes to Hotels and Bed Bugs? 

Are you in team "check for bed bugs in every hotel room" or do you think that team is crazy?!?

Review: Google Fi Service for International Travel Needs Big Improvements

Review: Google Fi Service For International Travel What I had expected isn’t what you’ll find in this review: Google Fi service on international plan needs some serious improvements. I’ll cover the plan options, the sign...

When Positioning Flights Backfire, What Do You Do?

When positioning flights backfire, the normal rules of a canceled / delayed flight don't usually apply. Fixing a delay / cancellation might be up to you.

Finally! How A Last Minute Booking Came Together Perfectly

I had to scramble last minute when I needed to change around some upcoming travel. Using partnerships & status matches I made the last minute booking work.

Why I’m Done With Checked Bags & Joining Team Carry On!

I'm done with checked bags. Numerous airlines have proven unreliable if there's a short connection. Here's why I'm on team carry on now.

A Hyatt Charged Me Without Permission & Why I Am Not Seeking Compensation!

The other day Hyatt charged my credit card when they shouldn't have for a cancellation, but instead of escalating and asking for compensation I sought the quickest and easiest fix.

How Long Does It Take for a Global Entry Renewal to Get Processed?

My recent experience renewing Global Entry including how long it takes for a Global Entry renewal application to get processed, how to avoid paying for it and do you need to go to a second interview when renewing Global Entry?

Renting a Car on your Next Family Trip? Here are 4 Car Rental Tips...

Renting a car can be stressful and the stress is only multiplied when doing it with the entire family! Here is our family guide to car rental including four tips that will help you save time, money and frustration on your next car rental whether it be with family or on your own.