I Just Booked A Flight Via Twitter. Welcome To The Future!

I just booked a flight via Twitter! Welcome to the future. If you're in the same situation, try booking via Twitter with your voucher.
How Many Countries Are There? Well...It Depends! And We May Disagree

Help! Points & Miles Two-Player Mode With A Reluctant Partner

Are you in "two-player mode" for points and miles, but you've got a reluctant partner? Here are some things you can do to make it easier.
packing to move

Packing to Move Abroad – Learn From Me & Don’t Make These Mistakes

Packing to move abroad can be daunting. It’s hard to know where to start and when to stop. But I think I’ve finally it down to a science.

I Stuck It To The Man And Got Them To Change My Airline Voucher...

I pushed back against horrible limitations and was able to change my airline voucher rules/terms before signing. Here's what happened.

How To Save Money On Vacation. Tips For Savings At Any Destination.

Today, we look at tips on how to save money on vacation. These are tips for saving money once you reach your destination and are "on vacation".
How Many Countries Are There? Well...It Depends! And We May Disagree

5 Countries You Should Visit But Haven’t Considered Before

5 Countries You Should Visit But Haven't Considered Before Today, I want to look at 5 countries you should visit but probably haven't considered before. These are countries I personally found incredible, underrated, and not...

Shocker: Marriott Approves My Best Rate Guarantee!

Hotel's like to play games with their best rate guarantee terms and conditions, but Marriott surprised my by approving my recent claim!

Why I Buy Travel Insurance, Even Though My Credit Cards Have Travel Perks

Even though I have credit cards with insurance and travel protections, here's why I still buy travel insurance every year for my wife and I.