Travel Hacks

Travel Hacks


Everything You Need to Prepare You For Long-Term Travel Or Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Whether it’s a few weeks or a few years, long term travel isn’t just about relaxing on a beach and drinking cocktails all day.

How To Turn LATAM Travel Funds Into Cash Via Bank Deposit

You can turn LATAM travel funds into cash via bank deposit. LATAM doesn't make it clear that you can do this, so here's how it works.

How I Optimize Travel To Keep Things Simple

Travel seems to be increasingly stressful for many. What to do? Here's what I focus on to achieve low maintenance travel.

How To Rack Up Tons Of Rewards Without Spending More

Many interested in our hobby are not able to increase credit card spend for more rewards. But you can obtain more rewards without more spend!

Doing The Other Stuff Cheaply: How I Minimize Miscellaneous Travel Costs

We rightfully focus on free flights and hotel stays using points and miles. But how can we eliminate or minimize miscellaneous travel costs?

How Financial Independence Drives My Travel Decision Making Process

Financial Independence and travel are two of my passions. But what do I consider to be my FI travel guiding principles? Here they are!
How To Stack Rewards For Maximum Discounts & Points On

How To Maximize Your Return With – Deal Stacking For The Win!

Need to pay cash for a hotel room? Here's how to stack multiple sites together for maximum discounts & points on stays.
When Should I Pay My Credit Card Bill? Best Tips For Your Credit Score

No ATMs? No Problem! Send Money To Yourself Before Your Trip

No ATM where you're going? US bank cards don't work there? No problem! Before you go, send money to yourself, then pick it up at your destination.