Travel Hacks

Travel Hacks

My Super Simple Road of Hacking & Stacking Alaska Airlines MVP Status

How I was given and how I matched status throughout the year plus the super simple way I qualified for Alaska Airlines MVP status this past weekend on a quick and cheap trip to San Francisco.

Hyatt Paid Me Points for My Expired Free Night Award Certificate!

Expired Hyatt Free Night Award World of Hyatt is one of my favorite travel loyalty programs and the only program where I legitimately earn top-tier status just about every year. I find their top tier...

Fly From These Countries to Avoid Carrier Surcharges on Award Flights

Avoid Carrier Surcharges on Award Flights by Flying From These Countries "How do I avoid carrier surcharges on award flights?" It's a common question. You've saved up your points and are dreaming of an elaborate...
AA Makes Changes to Award levels for Canada and Hawaii

My Favorite American Airlines Sweet Spot Award Redemptions – What Are Yours?

American Airlines offers some great value with partner bookings. Here are my favorite overseas American Airlines award sweet spots.

Why You Should Bill EVERYTHING You Can Back To Your Room!

Want to get the best return possible on every vacation you take? If you bill everything to your hotel room you can stack promos for massive discounts!

Should You Take Transfer Bonuses Into Account When Booking Flights?

Have you ever gone back and forth on whether or not you should take transfer bonuses into account when booking flights? Let's figure it out together!

Is It Possible To Match Timeshare Offers? You Better Believe It!

Have you ever wondered if matching timeshare offers after the fact is possible? I can tell you that it IS possible to improve your offer after the fact!

Did You Get 1 Year of Free CLEAR? Here Is How to Turn Off...

If you scored a one year free trial of CLEAR or just signed up the old fashioned way, make sure to turn off auto-renewal so you aren't stuck with an expensive renewal bill.