Travel Hacks

Travel Hacks

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Here Is What Google’s Newest Travel Hack Can Do For You, The Google Flights...

Google Flights now has a price tracker feature. It's not 100% everything I'd want, but it is a great tool. Here's what it can do for you.
Question: How Can I Cancel An Avios Award Booking Online? Twitter!

Question: How Can I Cancel An Avios Award Booking Online? Twitter!

How can I cancel an Avios award booking online? Do I have to accept the voucher? If you want to cancel/get miles back, use Twitter!
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Cheap Travel Hacks For The *REALLY* Frugal Traveler

Having spent most of my time travelling as a student that doesn’t have money to burn, I’ve gathered a few seriously cheap travel hacks.
travel without internet

No Internet? No problem. How to Travel Without Internet Like a Boss.

Despite me being a 90s kid, I do still remember what it’s like to travel without internet. I remember my first real long solo travel trip.

The One Thing You Should Do EVERY Time You Rent A Car

Here is the perfect example of why you should film your car rental before driving off the lot. This can end up saving you a lot of money.
Grand Hyatt Baha Mar Review

5 Ways to Save Money on Drinks at Grand Hyatt Baha Mar

The Grand Hyatt Baha Mar is a beautiful property but can be super expensive. Here are some ways to save on drinks at Grand Hyatt Baha Mar.
Using Points & Miles While Homeless In This Phase Of Life – Chapter 1

Reverse Culture Shock: What Is It? And How Do I Deal With It

Come back from an amazing time abroad and feel like everything has changed? Does no one understand you? These could be reverse culture shock.

Everything You Need to Prepare You For Long-Term Travel Or Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Whether it’s a few weeks or a few years, long term travel isn’t just about relaxing on a beach and drinking cocktails all day.