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Family Travel

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Beautiful Scenery, Exciting History & A Burglary: Our 5 Euro Swedish Campervan Adventure!

Sweden Campervan Experience & Our 5 Euro Deal I’ve always had the romantic notion of traveling across a new country in a camper van. I envisioned my husband and me cruising down the open road....
Sharing and pooling is possible with Frontier

Frontier Passengers Rent A Van to Get Home & Why I Often Fly Low...

Low cost carriers have become an essential part of my travels, however flying them can have pitfalls as shown by a recent story where 17 passengers had to rent a van to drive to their destination Home Alone style!

That Time I Left My Car Rental Stranded On The Side Of The Road...

I've rented quite a few cars over the years, and there's one common car rental mistake I've made on nearly every reservation. Here it is.
Do Babies Fly Free? What You Need To Know When Flying With An Infant.

Do Babies Fly Free? What You Need To Know When Flying With An Infant

Do babies fly free? We look at the important policies and costs for flying with an infant on various airlines, domestically and internationally.

Amtrak Coast Starlight Sleeper Car Review: Sacramento to Seattle

Thinking about traveling by rail? Here's why you want an Amtrak Coast Starlight sleeper car for trekking the length of the west coast.

Dad’s Bucket List Trip to Scotland & France – Booking the Flights with Miles...

The full details of flights for my dad's bucket list trip to Scotland and France. I had lofty goals, but the surge in travel demand almost lead to disaster. Luckily I was able to navigate the current climate to find flights that met our goals while using miles to save a ton of money along the way.

My Dad’s Bucket List Trip to Scotland & France – Background & Why You...

We just finished touring the U.K. and France with my 76 year old father on his bucket list dream trip. It was potentially a decade too late and made way more complicated by Covid and other factors, but we did it! In this series of posts I'll document the trip, review the hotels and flights and show you how I used miles & points to make this once in a lifetime trip a reality!

My Most Boneheaded Booking Ever?!?

Last night I made the most bonehead booking ever. It almost cost me a lot, but thankfully I was able to talk myself out of too much trouble!