New Enhancement Coming to Hyatt Website End of 2019/Early 2020

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New Enhancement Coming to World of Hyatt Website

New Enhancement Coming to World of Hyatt Website

Hyatt has been revamping some things, or cleaning out the closet so to speak.  They just revamped their app which is a great improvement.  They are even giving you an extra 500 bonus points per booking to encourage people to test it.  I have discovered that they have another new enhancement coming to the World of Hyatt website over the next 4-6 months.

Search Filter Including Club Lounges as an Option

Quite a few readers enjoyed Ian’s post about the category 1 Hyatt hotels where you can book amazing suites and get lounge access for next to nothing.  A few readers wondered if we could put together a list of all properties that have lounges.  This would be useful info for people with lounge access certificates.  Or for people who wanted to book into a club room etc.  It is also preferable to get a hotel with lounge access when there are multiple options in a city. Free breakfast is KING after all isn’t it?

New Enhancement Coming to World of Hyatt Website

I reached out to our Hyatt contact to see if they had a list of properties with lounge access.  Searching every property manually to make a list would be tedious and probably not worth the effort.

Our contact said they didn’t have a list readily available but they did have some good news. They said the World of Hyatt website would be getting some enhancements in the near future.  These enhancements would include a filter that will let you search for properties with club lounges🙌🙌🙌.  That sounds fantastic to me and took a lot of tedious work off of my plate!

I am not sure if other filters will be added as well. It would be cool to add in filters for pools, club rooms or suites etc. One can hope that they will at least.

One Other Change I Would Love to See

Hyatt if you are reading this there is one other enhancement I would love to see.  I would love to be able to see the award costs and cash costs on the same screen so I didn’t have to toggle between the two pages.  Something similar to what Hilton has where they show all of the cash price options and point choices for each room type on the same page.

Final Thoughts

This is great news and should make searching for the perfect Hyatt hotel that much easier.  It isn’t a major change and there are many people who could not care less either way but for those of us who like to find those sweet club lounges this is excellent.  I am hopeful that some other cool new tweaks will be added to the Hyatt site during this update.  We shall see in the near future!



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