Is This The One Article Of Clothing Every Traveler Should Have?

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A genius design that is made with quality and offers comfort when you want it and options when you don't.
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QuickFlip Apparel Review: The One Garment Every Traveler Should Have

I will start this off by saying that this is not a sponsored review and that we have no affiliation with QuickFlip.  I spend a lot of time on Facebook because of our 10,000 member Facebook group.  Because of that I see a lot of ads for random stuff while on Facebook and I end up buying them more than I should 🤦‍♂️, damn you Facebook listening devices! So one day I saw the ad for the QuickFlip Apparel hoodie and I thought that this would be perfect for traveling.  I had to check it out and ordered one right away.  I also thought it would be cool to do a QuickFlip Apparel review for you in case you thought it would be useful to have as well.

What Is A QuickFlip Apparel Hoodie?

A QuickFlip Hoodie is like a regular hooded sweatshirt and a backpack all in one.  I thought this could be extremely useful in travel situations. When visiting places like Ireland or Iceland etc. where weather can change quickly you want layers.  But lugging around a sweatshirt is a real PIA if you are not wearing it.

That is why I thought this thing was so slick.  Because when you don’t want to wear it anymore you can easily “flip” it into a backpack.  Then you can put souvenirs in it or simply lighten the load in your pockets.  I was surprised by how much space it had when in the backpack mode.  I also like that the straps can be easily tightened.

My son wearing it in backpack mode

Details on the Purchase, Shipping & Quality

I ordered the QuickFlip full zip hero hoodie for $49.99.  The Facebook ad had a code (Shark15) that got me 15% off the purchase.  I guess QuickFlip was on one of the episodes of Shark Tank. The code dropped the price dropped to $42.46 and there was no charge for shipping which was a nice plus.

I placed my order on June 29th and the delivery was made pretty quickly on July 3rd.

The sweatshirt is on the heavier side, a lot heavier than I thought it would be. The sweatshirt feels and looks really well made but only time will tell on that.  The backpack is very lightweight that even my 7 year old son carried it around for quite some time without complaining.  He was in love with it but the kids ones were sold out.

QuickFlip Website

Here is a link to their sale on Amazon too but you can usually get a better deal on the direct site with promo codes etc.

Final Thoughts

I know a sweatshirt is a weird thing to review. But I love it so much that I thought I should share the info.  I think this is the perfect compliment for anyone that travels, hikes outdoors or is visiting a place with unpredictable weather. They also offer waterproof jackets etc. that change into a backpack as well. The design is excellent and it is really simple to switch back and forth between the backpack and the sweatshirt.  Hopefully you found my QuickFlip Apparel review helpful.  Let me know if you have one or plan on getting one in the comments section.


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  1. I purchased one of these the end of August and by early March the sleeves are unraveling from the cuff. My emails to Quickflip have gone unanswered as to what type of guarantee they offer, and my 2 star review never made it to their website. Shocking. It appears they only post the 4 or 5 star reviews. And I tried twice. My issue is the numerous comments they have on their website about how they stand behind their quality- but don’t respond when you have a problem.

    • Sorry to hear that Dee, hopefully you are able to get a hold of someone over there. I am glad you were able to share you experience with it here.

  2. I ordered one for my husband who buys himself everything he wants. Hopefully he hasn’t seen these. Thanks for the recommendation. There is a coupon right now LABOR2019 for 20% off which presumably expires pretty soon.

  3. Thanks for the recommendation.
    Nice to have an impartial reviewer.
    Love your very ethical approach in this often not so tidy business.

  4. Thanks for doing this review. I often wonder about the products advertised on Facebook, as I assume they just delete the negative comments. On this particular product, I think I would rather carry a nylon backpack that folds into a little pouch (I have a Kiva) – that way I know I’ve got something to put souvenirs in even if I’m wearing the sweatshirt. Plus, I’m not a fan of the “string” straps on the sweatshirt backpack – very uncomfortable.

    • The string straps are not the most comfortable option but they have never been too uncomfortable to me but I have never had it weighted down a ton yet either. I do like how easy it is to tighten them for a proper fit though I thought that was a nice touch.

      • That is impressive! Usually they’re not adjustable. And for just the sweatshirt – the ability to fold it up onto a backpack rather than tie it around your waist is a plus.


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