From Around the Web: Gift Card Reselling Warning, Get Unbanned from Boxed, Amazon Groceries at Disney & More!

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miles to memories roundup

Roundup: Articles From Around the Web!

Here are some posts that caught our eye that we thought you may find interesting!  Let us know if there is anything good we missed.  Email me anything awesome that you find, or write, at


How to Get Ubanned from Boxed.comMilesperDay

As many of you know I got my household banned from Boxed so this is good news.  Although gift cards are still a no no so I don’t know if I would even use them much anymore.

Frontier Airlines is Expanding – The News & Observer

I used to fly Frontier a lot to Las Vegas back in the day but that was before they went all Spirit.  This is good news for people who fly out or through Raleigh often…should increase price competition.

Best Western Giving $10 Gift Cards for Every Stay – One Mile at a Time

Not all that enticing but if everything else is the same this may tip the scales towards staying at the Best Western hotel.  That is assuming you are one of the people who pay cash for travel 🙂.

The Plastic Merchant’s Payment Issues – Point Chaser

I have heard about issues when dealing with TPM over the years.  I myself have never dealt with them so I have no first hand knowledge.  It sounds like it was a liquidity issue which was handled quickly but scary for sure.

Testing Amazon Prime Now at Disney – Pizza in Motion

If the work out the kinks it seems like it could be a money saver when staying at expensive Disney Resorts.  If you are renting a car then I would say just stop at a grocery store on the way to the hotel instead.  It sounds like Amazon did a good job picking out produce etc. which would be my biggest fear.

Orlando Airport Considers Kicking out the TSA – View From the Wing

I found this interesting.  I wish more airports would look into it.  The TSA has a terrible success rate and is more about “safety theater” than actually increasing safety.  MCO is a busy airport that gets a lot of infrequent travelers so it would be interesting to see if an outside security company could be more efficient.


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  1. As I think I previously mentioned, I too was banned from Boxed for buying a few hundred dollars in Outback Steakhouse gift cards (I stacked the deals for about a 40% discount). I honestly just thought it was a technical glitch (who gets banned for shopping the sales?), but they told me it was for my gift card activity. They unbanned me, but said I still can’t buy gift cards. I haven’t tried: the promos aren’t as good these days and, from my zip code, they don’t add new gift card offers.

    This company seems to only have been created to generate some profitless sales and then be sold for a zillion dollars in funny money to another retailer. So I don’t think being “banned” is a big deal. 🙂

    • They are definitely trying to sell – I had an article in a recent roundup where Amazon was kicking their tires.

      Terrible customer service imo that they won’t respond to banned emails. If you don’t want people to buy gift cards then remove them.

      • I assume what happened was that somebody (or somebodies) figured out they could stack the discounts and bought A LOT of gift cards to resell (their profit margin was probably small, but if they bought enough, it was worthwhile to them). Nobody is really going to scale discount toilet paper purchases, but they would scale discount gift cards. With margins on the gift cards modest, Boxed probably lost decent money on these transactions. So they cracked down on everyone who bought gift cards using offers. And they cracked down on stacking codes. Oh, well — nobody probably thought this opportunity was going to last forever.


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