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Caesars Rewards Laurel Lounge Rankings & Reviews

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Caesars Rewards Laurel Lounge Rankings

Caesars Rewards Laurel Lounge Rankings & Reviews

Note: The Laurel Lounges in Las Vegas have been temporarily closed since March, 2020 due to Covid.

On my last trip to Vegas I decided to do a Caesars Rewards Laurel Lounge hop.  I wanted to check them all out so I could do a Caesars Rewards Laurel Lounge rankings.  I had been to half of the lounges previously but wanted to be sure to hit them all.

Lounge Rankings

Caesars Rewards may have taken a torch to their players club program but one of the better perks are the Laurel Lounges.  Well, that is if you can still get into them after their rule changes this year. Since I earned over 25K in Tier Credits last year I still have free lounge access this year. I am nowhere near hitting that mark again which means I had to get it done now.

I will do the ranking from worst to first:

Caesars Rewards Laurel Lounge Rankings

6. Flamingo Laurel Lounge (Now Permanently Closed)

Coming in last place is the Laurel Lounge at the Flamingo. It is located next to Center Cut Steakhouse.  This place looks like a Holiday Inn breakfast area.  It has the ambiance of a bingo hall.  The service is usually decent which is good because there is no bar to grab a drink at.  You must place your drink order with servers.  The food is usually lackluster as well featuring a salad, some chips and pretzels.  I usually only stop in this lounge on my way through to grab a roadie beer. It is also a good place to eat Gordon Ramsey Fish & Chips since they have almost no seating in that restaurant.

5. Rio Laurel Lounge

Next on the list is the Rio Diamond Lounge. It is located on the second floor and only accessible by an elevator located in the casino. Not only is the Rio Casino kind of a pain to get to, especially since the stopped the strip shuttle, the lounge is average at best as well.  While having slightly more ambiance than the Flamingo location, you know like having windows, it is still basically an open room with some tables and chairs.  It does have a spill over area when it gets busy but I don’t see why many would frequent this location.  There once again is no bar area and you need to order from servers.  I will say the service was prompt and courteous.  I did not get a chance to see the food offerings here.

4. Paris Laurel Lounge

From here on out all of the lounges are above average and worth visiting. The Paris Laurel Lounge is located on the outskirts of the casino near the shops.  This location has a bar and regular seating areas as well.  It does get a little cramped at times since it is on the smaller side. It is also kind of the Laurel Lounge for Bally’s since they don’t have their own.  The food is your normal selection of bread sticks, salad, and some chicken wings most of the time.  I like that you have the option of the bar area or regular seating.  They also have a small business computer section but I have no idea why.

3. Harrah’s Laurel Lounge

The Harrah’s Laurel Lounge probably has the best bar/lounge atmosphere. The lounge is located up the escalator just past the restaurant area.  It is dark and moody and the service is the best of all the lounges in my opinion.  It also offers the largest bar area with a U shaped bar versus the standard straight bar.  The food options are also improved compared to further down the list.  They seem to have the most variety of all the lounges and had a nacho/taco bar set up when I was there.

2. Planet Hollywood Laurel Lounge

The Planet Hollywood Laurel Lounge would be my favorite lounge if it had a bar area.  It is located on the Mezzanine right by the Wedding Chapel area.  It is tucked away next to a large unused space which makes the location a little strange.  The lounge is very segregated with a ton of smaller rooms which I think could hurt service responsiveness.  And with there being no bar I could see that being a problem during busy times.  Having said that it is the best place for sporting events with their massive TV in the back room.  I also thought the dessert selection was excellent here.

1. Caesars Laurel Lounge

Coming is first is the lounge located in the marquee hotel in the Caesars Rewards portfolio, the Caesars Laurel Lounge.  It is located out by the pool entrance which makes it a pain to get to. This place feels like a first class airline lounge.  Everything is nicely appointed and it has a bar area as well as the standard lounge area.  Their food spread seemed to have a lot of variety as well.  It is probably the best all around lounge and the perfect place to grab some drinks before going to the club.

Caesars Rewards Laurel Lounge Rankings & Reviews – Conclusion

Even though lounge access is harder to come by these days it is still one of the better perks of having Diamond status.  Do you agree with my Caesars Rewards Laurel Lounge rankings?  Let me know which lounge is your favorite in the comments section.

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Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann is a father, husband and miles/points fanatic. He left the corporate world after starting a family in order to be a stay at home dad. Mark is constantly looking at ways to save money and stay within budget while also taking awesome vacations with his family. When he isn't caring for his family or taking a weekend trip, Mark is working towards his goal of visiting every Major League Baseball ballpark.

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    • No – you could transfer them from her Wyndham account to yours but there is a fee, I can’t remember how much. So that would negate a lot of the value and probably makes it not worth it.

  1. I would disagree on the margins of the list. While I once felt Flamingo was the worst lounge (smallest, no bar, not great service) their food and dessert options were consistently good, with pork loin, baked chicken, veggies and rice, a solid group of salad options and some tasty desserts so if I was hungry it would be one of my go-to’s for that reason (drinks were mediocre at best).

    Rio, in addition to having a fairly dingy room also usually has mediocre hot food and competed with Flamingo for the worst drinks.

    PH Lounge is nice, I like their drink selection and is a must for a big game, but is the bare minimum with food, with their fried wings a staple. No real salad options and mediocre desserts.

    Paris Lounge was also the fried chicken wing staple but has recently added a second hot food item which is usually pretty good. Some of the best servers of all lounges to include Freddy who runs the bar. Paris has the best drink options if you like Scotch (Macallan 12), Tequila (Don Julio) or Vodka (Grey Goose).

    Harrah’s is one of my favorites because it has a fullsize bar where you can really chat it up with a mix of locals and visitors. The food is above average in offering (most times) and there are enough TV’s to watch a mix of different games.

    I agree that Caesars is the best, great atmosphere, small but fun bar, it has some good servers/bartenders, above average drinks and above average hot food/salad/dessert. If you are going to meet someone that you want to impress a little with your lounge access it would be here or PH that I would take them.

  2. Another great article Mark. I saw the following on another website:
    Both the Laurel Lounge and Center Cut Steakhouse at the Flamingo in Las Vegas are slated to close Oct. 1. The new Laurel Lounge will move into the current Flamingo Food Court space, while the food court moves closer to the Paradise Garden Buffet. The bar in front of Center Cut will close to accommodate the expansion of the new steakhouse.
    Hopefully, the move will be an improvement. I wonder how long before the new one opens. A friend said the Planet Hollywood Laurel Lounge will be closing Oct 1st as well, but I haven’t seen anything on that. Perhaps you’ve heard something Mark.

    • I have not heard anything but that is good news for the Flamingo. That lounge is a disgrace to the system and Center Cut was one of the worst meals I have ever had. Hopefully they both come back better!

  3. If you are diamond with Caesars through a status match and havent earned 15k tier credits can you still pay for access to the lounge using your ceasar reward credits which i belive you said would be 2k for 2 people just being a Caesars Diamond member?

          • You get them from gambling or for spending money on property at restaurants or hotels etc. You can also transfer Wyndham Rewards points to Caesars and use them that way too. You can not pay money to get in though – you have to have credits.

          • Thanks so much , not worth spending 55$ to buy 5000 points i guess.
            let me see if i can rake up 1000 points to atleast try one in Ceaser’s.
            Looks like the names are changed now.

          • You don’t have to gamble to get the points. You can get rewards points via Wyndham Rewards. I believe there’s a deal now where you get 30,000 Wyndham Points for getting their credit card and spending $1,000 on it over three months. Then, link your Caesar’s and your Wyndham accounts and transfer Wyndham points to Caesars at a 1:1 ratio. You could also/in addition get Caesar’s credit card, which will get you 10,000 Caesar’s points for spending $750 in three months.

  4. I love this list! I totally agree. Although I might have switched Paris with Planet Hollywood…mostly because of the food options. On the other hand, I’ve never seen Planet Hollywood packed…or even busy for that matter….which usually means quicker service. But overall Caesars definitely took the cake. Great service and staff! And I was highly disappointed with Flamingo’s DL. Very dingy and I felt almost embarrassed to be there.

    But my absolute favorite would be my hometown casino’s Diamond Lounge…. Horseshoe Hammond. And their 7 Stars lounge is great as well.

    Was just looking for research on my annual Vegas trip this week. Was thinking about visiting Rio’s lounge just to say I did but after reading your review, I’m thinking…probably not.

    • I could see people enjoying Paris better. They are pretty close and the bar service is always top notch there, something PH doesn’t have. Yeah I wouldn’t waste your time heading to Rio and I agree on Flamingo it is embarrassing. I’ll grab a drink if I am passing through to take with me but it is depressing to be in there.

  5. Thanks for your information re. Diamond Launge in Las Vegas.
    I had visited DL in Caesars at Atlantic City,NJ and Harrahs at New Orleans.
    They are much better than Las Vegas. It is worth to visit and enjoy your time there.

    • I thought the Harrah’s NOLA lounge was a little on the small side but they had a decent spread. I enjoyed that they let you use your free drinks at the casino bars though.

    • I like Paris but it always seems to be crowded and a little cramped imo. The food isn’t the best either. The bar tenders are always great though.

  6. Nice review. I am in the unfortunate status of achieving Diamond with only 15k TC last year, so have been using my RCs each time we visit the Diamond Lounges. I think it’s still worth it considering you can order premium drinks from the bar, and they provide a few snack foods that can tide us over between breakfast and dinner. I think the Paris lounge is better than Harrahs, and I agree with your assessment of the Rio lounge – really poor. I do like the staff at the Caesars lounge – very professional and friendly. I have visited the lounge at Harrahs in Lake Tahoe and this is pretty good too. Anyhow, i’m going to ante up again for Diamond with our December visit – you never know what TR will dream up next!!

    • With Vegas’ prices for booze and food it is a pretty good deal for sure. You have 2 drinks and you are already coming out ahead.

      Good luck in December 😉

  7. so I take it you don’t need to be staying there to use it as long as you are a diamond? do they check your card? how many guests can you bring in?

    • No you don’t need to be staying there to use it. Yes the swipe your card. Diamond members are allowed one guest and Seven Stars are allowed 2. If you haven’t earned 25,000 tier credits last year or this year you need to pay 1,000 reward credits per person to enter ($10 in comps).


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