(Video) Unmanned Cruise Liner Floats Down The Hudson Hitting Bridges Along The Way

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Unmanned Cruise Liner Floats Down The Hudson

Over the weekend a smaller cruise liner (looks more like a ferry to me), the Captain JP, and 7 other vessels floated down the Hudson river unmanned. They had broken free from their moorings because of heavy ice flow on the river.  Warmer weather and rains broke huge ice chunks free in the river which in turn jarred the vessels loose. This all happened near Albany, New York, north on the Hudson river from New York City.

A few tug boats, the cruise liner, a floating restaurant barge (the Rusty Anchor), and some other barges where broken free.  They then proceeded to float down the river bumping into bridges along the way.  The Captain JP struck the Congress Street Bridge and then pinned itself against the Livingston Avenue bridge in Albany.

All together it looks like 5 bridges were involved.  Luckily no one was hurt and the bridges were closed for a short time until the vessels could be secured.  Tug boats were able to pull the vessels to safety.

The video usually works a little better if you open it in YouTube

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