New US Mint Coin Deal, Big Profit and $6K+ in Free Spend

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US Mint Coin Deal

New US Mint Coin Deal, Big Profit and $6K+ in Free Spend

We have covered coin deals several times here on the site. These are usually U.S. Mint coins that can be sold for potentially a profit plus you get the miles, points or just cashback on the purchase. Sometimes these coin deals are small, and other times the coins could cost several thousand dollars.

This week there will be two new deals. With these coins you can make a few hundreds in profit, and thousands of dollars in free spending, which is a bonus on its own. Let’s take a look at the details.

Offer Details

This Thursday, March 11th, at 12:00PM ET, two new deals will go live on the US Mint website. Here are the details for each deal, and the profit that you can make through PFS Buyers Club, which is one of the options to resell these coins:

  • Limited Edition American Gold Eagle Proof Coin
    • The cost of each coin should be either $2,325.00 – $2,375.00 (varies based on price of Gold).
    • $4.95 shipping charge.
    • PFS will be offering a commission of $100.05 per coin.
    • Limit 1 coin per household.
  • Limited Edition Four-Coin American Gold Eagle Set
    • The cost of each set should be either $4,317.50 – $4,410.00 (varies based on price of Gold).
    • $4.95 shipping charge.
    • PFS will be offering a commission of $200.05 per set.
    • Limit 1 set per household.

How much are your points really worth? We try to tell you a real world value below. Don’t miss it!

How to Sell Coins

There are several buyer clubs that will buy these coins, such as PFS Buyers Club. I have used them personally in the past, and I have never had any issues. They have been around for a while and have always paid out quickly.

You can also try selling the coins yourself. You should be able to do better if you know what you’re doing.

If you plan to go with PFS Buyers Club or any other clubs out there, make sure you sign up now and reserve a spot before buying the coins. They also provide tips and tricks on how to improve your chances at getting one of these coins.


A new U.S. Mint coin deal is coming and it will help you generate a large amount of spend. On top of that you make a good profit as well. You get the coins shipped to you and then ship them to and then ship them to PFS Buyers Club or any other club with a prepaid shipping label.

These deals are better than usual, so getting your hands on these coins will not be easy. Read up on how to best prepare for Thursday. Also keep in mind that American Express has new terms for what counts as cash advance, which now includes precious metal coins and bullion.

Have you participated in past coin deals? Share your thoughts on this one in the comments!

Based in NYC. Points/miles enthusiast for years and actively writing about it for the last two years at Danny the Deal Guru. I'm always looking out for deals. Making a few bucks is always nice, but the traveling is by far the best part of this business.

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  1. I got in on this and had a chance at both of the offers, but got sloppy with the ordering process and couldn’t complete one of them. Still, even $100 (and much-needed CC spend) for five minutes of work is better than trying to sell on eBay (where, after fees, some people are making less than $100) or the local coin dealers who would probably give me 50 cents on the dollar.

  2. Anybody know if multiple cards can be used to check out for the coins? I’m wondering if 5x$500 visa or MC gift cards could be used

  3. I do these offers all of the time never had an issue. Easy profit and tons of credit card spend. It’s not a cash advance It’s a credit card purchase charge from the US Mint website. Also qualify if you signed up for a new card and need to make minimum spend requiments.

  4. too much risk. I get in on these deals when the coins cost less than $150. Imagine that pit in your stomach when something goes wrong with this $4300 transaction. no thanks.

  5. So am new to this …. we buy the coin sets with cc… we have them shipped to PFD Buyers club who pays us a commission … and then how do they pay for the coins … what am I missing here?
    Also which cc is best used? Thanks

    • Hi, you buy the coins with cc and they are shipped to you. You then have 48 hrs to ship them to PFS, you can’t open the box. Basically you receive it and turn around and reship asasp. PFS then pays you the cost of coin, plus shipping, plus commission. Just make sure you’re using a card that wouldn’t charge this as a CA.

  6. Can we get more clarification as to which cards could consider this a cash advance? Or, which cards will handle this as a standard purchase? This is quite important for this transaction.

    • I’m signed up for 4 of these coins deals. I agree if something odd change making a US Mint product purchase a cash advance, not a normal charge then yes thay would change everything.

        • Was there ever a time an AMEX purchase from the US Mint coded as a CA? I have been doing these deals for about 3 years but never noticed that happening. For a CA to trigger normally it requires using the 4 digit card pin to withdraw cash, debit card style. I’m confused how any normal charge (without pin) would register as a CA?

          Maybe it happened on a past deal, honestly I never looked at the charges in great detail as it does not make sense nor would I expect any purchase to trigger as a CA. I also do not recall any blogs on with anyone experiencing that happening. If anyone does has experience with a US Mint charge triggering a CA I would love to know what month it was so I can go back and double check my records.

          • This was a new policy Amex added in Jan 2021. Have heard of a few DPs from Feb 2021 coding as regular purchases but the risk is that Amex can definitely charge a CA if they want to


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