(No Longer Works) You Can Now Use eBay Gift Cards Without PayPal

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Use eBay Gift Cards Without PayPal

You Can Now Use eBay Gift Cards Without PayPal

eBay and PayPal have a weird relationship and the combination of the two is sometimes frustrating. However many people like eBay for online shopping and especially for gift card purchases when there’s discounted offers. If you shop on eBay then it’s probably best to use eBay gift cards, since you can usually get them at a 5% (5x UR) discount from office supply stores, or through gift card reselling websites. As a reminder, eBay gift cards can’t be used to purchase other gift cards.

Update: This No Longer Works

Until now when you paid with an eBay gift card, the payment was processed through PayPal, even though you didn’t have to log in. Now eBay has begun allowing eBay gift cards or promo codes to be entered directly on their site, entirely without Paypal. Gift card limits are still the same. You can use up to $2,000 in eBay gift cards per day and $5,000 per calendar month, and maximum of eight gift cards in a single transaction.


This is not major news especially since eBay gift Cards can’t be used to purchase other gift cards any longer. But it could make it easier for some to use eBay gift cards, if they have PayPal issues.

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  1. eBay suspended my account after being an buyer for about six years when I went to become an seller on ebay.I did nothing that could be considered wrong or misleading but because I returned an tv that arrived with a cracked screen and another product that wasn’t as described they now claim I an risk to the eBay community.Honest feedback, paying for your purchases in an timely manner.This is not the old eBay it’s the down and dirty New eBay.This is my oppion and experience!

  2. What do you do when a refund goes back to paypal but ends up going to the ebay gift card you had to use through paypal, but no longer have the gift card?

  3. I bout 5 ebay cards each of 200.00 I never used them I scratched the code tryed to use on ebay but they’re saying my cards are invalid. Went to speedway where I bout those ebay one card. Managers said I had to call ebay but I tried but I been trying for 2 weeks I complained to FID but I haven’t gotten no luck. So I guess I just lost 1 thousand dollars on ebay gifts card..

  4. I actually lost my 30.00 because I saw this article stating you could now use a gift card without going through Paypal. Please update this site and its information- maybe revisit the ebay purchasing policies? Thank you moderators.

  5. I was given an ebay gift card by a colleague as a gift. Did not complete the purchase because of Paypal. I didn’t think anything of it until I started getting ‘reminder’ emails to complete the purchase with the seller. I emailed the seller and asked them to delete the request because I wanted to use the gift card. No response. Got another reminder email. Emailed again. No response. Got another email reminder. So, I had to buy something I really only chose because I had the gift card and my coworker is out the money he spent on the useless gift card. He gave them to a lot of people, so it cost him a lot! What a con!

  6. Paid 1000.00 for a golf cart with eBay gift cards and now they want another 600.00 for insurance that I supposedly will get back… does this sound right??

  7. My wife purchased a $25 Ebay gift card for me to use, however I got a red message saying…”To use this code, please select one of these payment options: PayPal, PayPal Credit.”, which obviously negates the intention of avoiding PayPal as an option, since I distrust PayPal & would never consider allowing it into my bank account.

    I am elderly & on a fixed income, so I cannot just casually dismiss the loss of $25.
    I called their service rep (probably in India) & posted on Ebay’s community help forum. Both refused to cancel the gift card & refund my wife’s money, and both told me to either sell it or give it to a family member. I’ve been an Ebay member since June 2000 & always used USPS money orders. It seems in hindsight that my suspicions about PayPal are entirely correct.

    The Ebay Gift Card Help page I looked at made NO MENTION of a mandatory PayPal account requirement. We’re dealing with uncaring, unscruplous, lawyered-up crooks here my friends.

    If I can ever get my $25 out of them, I am through with Ebay forever!

  8. Just read all the comments and I have to state the following:

    I was able to place an order and pay for it with my eBay gift card and using as “main” payment method my debit card. However this has only worked once for me.

    At first I thought it was due to the seller because I had to tried with two different sellers for this combination (card + gift card).

    But then I tried placing another purchase like this and tried several sellers and it wouldn’t let me. So I confirm there’s definitely a way to do this. Just don’t know the exact formula yet

  9. I have read the comments regarding this issue and I must say that eBay will definitely loose customers regarding this matter I am now a loyal customer of amazon. It was a dumb ass move on someone’s part to sync the two intities on the behalf of giftcards. Wow verry smart move to shut out roughly 20 million Americans who live basically off the grids of some form of credit card use, meaning they may be to young to use credit cards or simply don’t use them at all. Anyway I feel as if I just got robbed of $25. Can anyone tell me how I can use my eBay gift card without paypal?

    • Well, if it makes you feel better, I’ve just been pretty much ribbed of $67 dollars and I now have this useless card with money on it, but no way to fucking use it.

  10. I think that this information is misleading because I thought I could things for my reptile and it wouldn’t let me if just kept popping back to PayPal so no efface but eBay sucks for that one reason

  11. Totally pathetic, requiring Pay Pal total defeats the propose of the gift card! such a hassle, I will never use ebay again, not worth the headaches.

  12. There is no official statement form eBay supporting this. In fact the FAQ on their website specifically says that you need a PayPal account to use Gift Cards. Which sort of kills the whole purpose of a Gift Card. Not sure who is the Genius behind this thought.

  13. No you cant i have 25 dollar ebay gift card that wont work after using them for 2 months and one day would not let my gift card go through when i called ebay women told me that now i need to put credit card info to paypal and then i called next day was told same so im out 25$ because they will not let card on also i use gift cards because of my bad paypal experience in the 90s i know better than to give criminals like paypal my info

    • Yes u can. Sign into ur eBay account confirm what u are buying. When payment options come up select coupons eBay bucks payment method and just put ur gift card number in press done. Make sure the box is checked for all gift cards being used. Press done and confirm ur purchase. Next screen that comes up says thanks for ur purchase.


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