New Video Shows 2 Missiles Struck Ukrainian Plane in Iran

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2 Missiles Struck Ukrainian Plane

New Video Shows 2 Missiles Struck Ukrainian Plane

Iran has already taken responsibility for shooting down Ukraine International Airlines flight PS752. It crashed shortly after take-off from Tehran, Iran early on January 8. But there’s still some shocking news that has been reveled today, thanks to a new video.

The video appears to be taken from a security camera on the roof of a building near where the plane was struck. The video, which was originally uploaded to YouTube by an Iranian user early Tuesday morning was verified as authentic by a New York Times investigations team. It shows that two missiles actually struck the plane.

The first missile result in a small explosion and is followed by the second missile strike about 20 seconds later. The plane didn’t go down immediately. It continued to fly for several minutes and attempted to return to the airport. The new video shows the plane appear to be on fire shortly after being hit by the second missile.

All 176 people on the plane, a Boeing 737-800 bound for Kyiv, Ukraine, were killed. Iran has also announced that an investigation into the crash has started and several arrests had been made.

See video below:



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