Crazy! Air France Refuses Refund and Amex Won’t Issue Chargeback

The airline refuses to give back the money for a flight that they cancelled and the credit card company refuses to do anything about it.

T-Mobile Connect, New $15 Monthly Plan

T-Mobile is launching a new pay-as-you-go plan called Connect. It comes with 2 gigabytes of data and unlimited talk and text.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics Are Officially Postponed to 2021

The first modern Olympics were held in Athens, Greece, in 1896. And since then, the Olympics Games have never been cancelled or postponed. Shuts Down Leaving Customers Stranded with No Refunds

A popular online travel agency,, has shut down. Customers say they are stranded at resorts and elsewhere right now because Bookit never paid for their vacations.

Tired Of Netflix Already? Enjoy Country Music? Garth Brooks Is Hosting A Live Concert...

If you are currently cooped up in your house and are looking for a distraction then check out Garth Brooks' live concert this evening at 6PM CST.

Hong Kong Bans All Tourist Arrivals

Hong Kong announced today that it is stopping all tourist arrivals and transit passengers at its airport.
Sharing and pooling is possible with Frontier

$50 Frontier Voucher For Cancelling Flights By Monday March 23rd

An email went out last night offering a $50 Frontier voucher for anyone who cancels their flight by the end of the day Monday March 23rd. Details inside.

FAA Temporarily Halts Departures from NYC Area, Philly and Other Airports

The Federal Aviation Administration is stopping all departures at all New York City area airports, Philadelphia, and others due to staffing issues related to the coronavirus.