Possible $30 Off $60 at Amazon, Plus 20% Off Killer Deal Still Working!

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Possible $30 Off $60 at Amazon, Plus 20% Off Killer Deal Still Working!

Amazon is on fire in the last few days with a great promotion that can save you up to $100 sitewide. Last night we also posted about that same promotion working for a second time, but not on Amazon gift cards this time around. Still can’t complain at about a 20% discount. But some people could get even more savings.

Possible $30 Off $60 at Amazon

As most readers, I was also on Amazon this morning trying to place my second 20% off order. At checkout, I noticed that I had a $30.00 promotional balance that I could use for my purchase. It would stack with the 20% discount.

$30 Off $60 at Amazon

After placing a $500 order at 20% off, I went back and tested out this $30 credit that was still there. It worked on a $60 third party gift card (no go on Amazon gift cards). And I had to use one Membership Rewards point for my purchase again. So a nice 50% off.

It seems to be one of those $30 off $60 promotions that we occasionally get from Amazon. I just had never seen it show up in my payment methods before.


I’m sure everyone could use a $30 discount. Check your account at checkout, in the payments methods, under the gift cards balance. Hopefully some of you see the same thing. Definitely do the 20% deal first, but this one should be worth your time as well.


  1. Ahhh I messed it up (last night before this post) the 20% deal was coming up for a few items random items in my cart. Then I tried to add $400 Amazon gift card, nothing happed. I added a $25 Lowes gift card and the 20% off changed to $30 off. I kept playing with the cart which seams correct with a gift card and over $60 I got $30 promo discount but I now lost the 20% deal.

    • BTW I shop at Lowes allot for the last 3 days of shopping each time I made any register purchase I received a printed coupon $10 off $50 must shop 12-16 July. I’m not sure if that’s a local Hawaii deal or national. Thats 20% great deal when stacked with discounted gift cards and 10% military discount.

      • Mike – I got the same thing when I bought $15 worth of pest control spray in Alabama yesterday. It is definitely not just a Hawaii thing. No military discount for me. Thanks for your service though!

    • From playing around with different items, I think that if the discount was over $30 it would switch to the 20% discount for me. Amazon gift cards probably do not get the 20% discount anymore though.

      Maybe try activating the 20% promotion again?


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