Alaska Adds Basic Economy Like Option and It’s Better than Expected

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Alaska Airlines Introduces Saver Fares

Alaska Airlines Introduces Saver Fares

Alaska Airlines has joined the ranks of the the other major airlines and introduced a new value fare option.  The newest ticket option is called Saver fare. Saver Fare is basically Alaska’s much nicer and more flexible big brother to your typical Basic Economy fare. Travelers who choose saver fare will need to have a bit more flexibility. One important thing to note is that elite status holders will not be entitled to their usual in-flight benefits, though are still able to use expedited security.

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How are Saver fares different?

Saver fares include some restrictions on booking, refunds, changes, and seat selection. The main ones likely to affect fliers are inability to choose seats or know seat selections in advance, so you could end up sitting apart from your companions. The big changes for anyone who flies Alaska because they need flexibility are absolute restrictions on refunds and changes. Saver fares are also not allowed to be on mixed itineraries. So if you’re flying one leg in Saver, you have to either do separate tickets or fly the whole way in saver.

For more detailed information about buying and traveling Alaska’s new Saver fare, here’s the comparison chart from their site.

Alaska Airlines Introduces Saver Fares


While there are some basic restrictions on the Saver fare, you’ll also be saving money. I actually think this is an excellent option for anyone who doesn’t care about choosing their seat. Amazingly, Alaska is still crediting saver trips at full mileage earning. There’s also no ban on baggage. I’ve never understood all the hate towards basic economy, if you don’t like it then you have the option to pay up, otherwise you can enjoy saving a few bucks.



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