1. This is the effect of MSing abuse and boasting in blogs proudly abou that ?
    I respect MTM since you guys seem to be the ones not encouraging about MSing the MO way while certain sites which I dont want to mention are only abt MSing through MO in tons. I wish people who still think MSing th MO way saying it is not illegal realize that these actions are not taken as a token of appreciation and not being illegal does not mean it is right.
    Again only my thoughts. No offense to anyone.

  2. I learned to live a pretty clean life with AA. I got a letter in the days before email telling me if I ever sold another mile all miles would be gone. I had worked for a company that always flew us 1st class and lots of segments back in the day when that counted for something. I had more miles than I could use, or give away to family, so someone contacted me about selling miles. I sold enough to buy a Nissan Maxima. Then the AA letter came. Haven’t sold a mile since. Haven’t even done any MS with AA.


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