Why The American Express Platinum is Absolutely Not Worth The Annual Fee

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Is the American Express Platinum Card Worth It?

The American Express Platinum is one of the premium credit cards I’ve yet to obtain. Loaded with perks, the card is a key feature in many people’s wallets. But not mine. I’ve asked myself many times, is the American Express Platinum Card worth it? And the answer has never been yes.

Premium credit cards are an interesting bunch. The perks make or break each specific card. I held the Chase Sapphire Reserve for a little over a year and got great value out of it. The Hilton Aspire is another premium card I picked up last year and plan to keep because the annual value is well worth its $450 fee.

But the American Express Platinum is one I simply cannot justify and here’s why.

Too Many Useless Credits

My first beef with the American Express Platinum card is how the credits are structured.

The American Express Platinum Card offers:
  • $200 in Uber credits per year
  • $200 airline fee credit
  • $100 Saks Credit
  • TSA PreCheck / Global Entry Credit

The Saks credit is worth $0 to me. We never shop there. The airline credit used to be worth nearly face value, as I would cash it out on other American Express cards for Delta gift cards. However, this is no longer possible. I’m not sure if/how I’d even use it now.

The TSA PreCheck / Global Entry credit we would certainly use, but this is only worth $100 every 4-5 years, which hardly puts a dent in the fee.

You’d think the Uber credit would be worth something, but not in my case. I hardly Uber at all. We have the service where I live, but I’m lucky if there is a car on the road. My guess is that it would represent honest savings only a few times per year. When we need an Uber, we usually need one multiple times on the same trip. Not a couple times per month.

Since the credit is broken into a $15 monthly credit, I’d lose the bulk of it. If we could use up the $200 over the course of two vacations, this would be a whole lot better. But Amex is going for breakage in every way they can with these credits.

All said and done, I bet we’d get ~$120 in real annual value out of the credits. This is a far cry from their $520 face value.

Weak or Duplicate Hotel Status

The American Express Platinum Card offers complimentary elite status with both Hilton and Marriott. You can enjoy Gold tier with both chains with your card, even if you don’t stay enough with either to normally qualify.

However, I see little value in Marriott Gold status. The tier doesn’t offer free breakfast, one of the perks I’m most interested with hotels. Besides 25% bonus points on paid stays and the potential for room upgrades, Marriott Gold is pretty weak.

Hilton Gold is better, but you can earn this simply holding the American Express Hilton Surpass Card. Sure, the card has a $95 annual fee, but you can even earn a free night by spending $15,000 every year. And for someone with the occasional paid Hilton stay, the card earns a better return.

Or, you can be holding the Aspire like I am which gives you Diamond status. Even better.

Thus, I value the hotel elite status benefits from the American Express Platinum Card at $0.

American Express Platinum Card worth it

Lounge Access I Can Live Without

The lounge access afforded by the American Express Platinum card is solidly the best of any of the major premium cards. Besides the Priority Pass Select membership (excluding restaurants, as all Amex cards do), you can enjoy other lounges in American Express’ Global Lounge Collection. These include Escape Lounges, Airspace Lounges, and American Express’ own Centurion lounges.

The Centurion lounges are certainly some of the best in the country, which makes this perk quite appealing. I’d love to enjoy the Centurion SFO each time I fly United through their West Coast hub. It’s a nice lounge, albeit often crowded.

But I can live without that. I already have a Priority Pass membership, which gets me into enough places. The card appeals a bit more now that there is even an Escape Lounge at Sacramento International Airport, but I often arrive there with little time to spare. Plus, most trips out of SMF are for work, and my lunch is reimbursed anyway.

It also offers access to Delta lounges which is becoming more and more appealing with my move to Delta.  But the guest policies ($29 per person) are just awful which makes it hard to use most of the time for me.

All that to say, the American Express Platinum card offers excellent lounge access, but with other cards offering Priority Pass that I can enjoy, I’m able to live without the additional access.

 An Earning Structure That Doesn’t Work For Me

Unlike the Chase Sapphire Reserve which offers 3x Ultimate Rewards points on travel and dining, the earning rates of the Platinum Card are far more restrictive. Sure, you can get 5x Membership Rewards points on flights booked directly with airlines or through Amex Travel, which is excellent.

But when we spend only a few thousand dollars per year in paid travel, including work flights, this really isn’t enough to make the American Express Platinum Card worth it.

The other 5x earning is from prepaid hotels through Amex travel. I do everything I can to avoid prepaid hotels, and it is doubtful I would use this perk much, if at all.

Beyond this, the card earns a lame 1x MR for all other purchases. I’d rather get 2x MR using my Blue Business Plus all day, every day. That card is free.

American Express Platinum Card worth it
It feels good pulling this card out, but that isn’t a real reason to get it.

All This For Too High a Fee

The other things offered by the card such as extra perks at Fine Hotels & Resorts and a concierge are just over the top. I don’t need them, nor would I use them. I’d much rather have a better earning rate and a simple $300 credit that will actually give me money back in my pocket.

I simply cannot justify the Platinum Card’s $550 annual fee. It’s too high, for far too little that I’ll actually use. There isn’t enough on the table to make the American Express Platinum Card worth it.

What Would Make the American Express Platinum Card Worth It

The only thing that turns my head is the welcome offer of 100,000 Membership Rewards points when it comes around. That is worth $550. But this is a one-time bonus. I’d happily take the points to the bank, but I know that the card would inevitably get axed in year two. The ongoing value isn’t there.

I guess the card would be worth it if I was in a very different situation. We would need to be using a nice lounge monthly (that is not accessible with a Priority Pass membership), be using all the Uber credits, and spending more than we do on paid airfare.

In other words, I’d need to be living a different life where we’re located in a major city. This is not the case, and likely never will be. The card, while appealing in some ways, just doesn’t pencil, for me.

Do You Consider the American Express Platinum Card Worth It?

Obviously, there are people for whom the American Express Platinum card is entirely worth the fee. But that is not me. I’m sure I’ll pick up the card for a year, hopefully when I can make good use of the benefits and definitely when it’s at its highest welcome offer.

But as an ongoing keeper card? I don’t think so. I hate to call it overrated, but it really is. There isn’t enough benefit to make the American Express Platinum Card worth it over the long run. Charging $550 for credit with lots of breakage and a few other perks just doesn’t cut it.

What are your thoughts on the American Express Platinum Card? Do you think this premium card is worth the fee?

Ian Snyder
After igniting his passion for award travel while planning his honeymoon, Ian now enjoys using points and miles to see the world with his wife and three internationally adopted kiddos. He loves dissecting loyalty programs to find maximum value. His goal is to demonstrate that extraordinary travel is possible for the ordinary family.

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  1. Just in case anyone else comes across this old thread, I’ll share another way I got some more value out of my Amex Platinum. I added my husband and two teenage sons as authorized users with Gold cards (free, as opposed to paid platinum authorized users). Because it was during a limited time offer, I got 5000 bonus membership rewards points when EACH extra card had reached $500 in spending. Then, amazingly, I discovered that all four cards were each eligible for their own Global entry credit, which was perfect timing as we were planning an international trip and were able to get our interviews on our return entry to the US rather than having to wait months to get an interview by appointment. The best I could tell there was no limit on how many more people I could have added for free that would then have been eligible for their global entry fee too.

  2. Ian,

    You overlooked one other benefit to the Alex Platinum: access to American Express’ International Airline Program which can save travelers hundreds of dollars on a premium economy or higher class of service. That could easily justify the annual fee.

    I have found the Amex Platinum to be useful, but my situation is a bit different from yours.

    • I’ve never looked into that, but I basically never book those types of fares. Might consider it if I ever have a stockpile of MR and pick up a business Platinum again to use the 35% back benefit.

  3. One important point consider here is that Amex absolutely offers retention offers. So yeah, the CSR is the better card for most, BUT Chase rarely gives out retention offers. When I called to renew, I was offered 20k MR for 3k in spend over 90 days and took it. That makes it worth it for me because I use all of the Uber credit, all the Saks credit, and find a way to use all the travel credit. Would I value any of them at $1 of value, hell no! But combined with lounge access, the new trip delay insurance, and the 5x multiplier on airline tickets, it’s worth the $550 in my book.

    Hell, I was offered retention offers on the last four Amex cards I have when I called ot cancel. Chase will sometimes cancel your card when you using their automated voice response system.

  4. Agree 100%. Would rather have PP restaurants and better travel insurance (Amex doesn’t offer evacuation 100k coverage) than overcrowded Amex lounges.

  5. Doesn’t the uber credits work for uber eats? order $15 worth of free takeout a month. i do agree unless ur spending tens of thousands on airfare a year, the card isn’t worth it, unless you happen to have a centurion lounge at ur home airport.

      • You can use uber eats where ever you go including travel. It has a good GPS locator so even if your sitting in a park you can use the GPS locator for the delivery. If you create an Uber Drivers account you can even deliver your own food and wayyy stretch out the $15 credits. Order something cheap deliver to yourself at the furthest location pay about $10 then tip yourself $5. On top of that you can get paid about $10-15 during a surge from Uber and you scored yourself some food. With my $15 credit I normally pocket about $15-20 and eat a plate of sushi :). It takes some practice to catch your own order just stay out of the busy areas and ots best if you have a spouse (that you refered for the bonus) that also has an account.

    • That would be a unique benefit! I don’t see them every waiving it for such a reason, though, unfortunately.

  6. Couldn’t agree more. I got very little use out of the card over the two years that I had it. In fact, I’d say the best thing it did for me was get me a table via the Concierge at The French Laundry. Otherwise, most of the credits, etc. were of no use to me, and I found the overall card to not be worth the annual fee.

  7. Hi, I will also probably cancel my card upon renewal, as I don’t feel I am getting enough value out of it. The only consideration is that I have 100,000+ MRs and am not sure what to do with them before canceling. Our travel plans for 2020 are already booked, and I do not have another AMEX card that I could keep them on. Any ideas? Thanks.

    • I would consider opening a no Amex Everyday or the Everyday preferred card with a $95 annual fee. Both are very solid cards and would keep the points alive. Otherwise you could downgrade to the Gold or Green card to save some on the annual fee.

  8. Poor post. The Amex Platinum is well worth it for many, and not worth it for others. I get a lot of value out of 5x for flights, Uber and Saks credits, SkyClubs, Fine Hotels and Resorts, IAP and other benefits. Instead of a clickbait title like this post has, why not write a post that evaluates the pros and cons of the product

    • In all honesty, I think laying out the reasons why the value may not stack up provides the better catalyst for critical thinking. Evaluating premium cards individually is something we’ve done.

  9. Agree with many on this post. We dumped it a few years ago when we stopped getting great offers for premium Hamilton, Paul Simon, US Open, etc. tickets. To me the real value in the card was access to premium events at cost- the card literally paid for itself many times over in that era. If they want to re-establish themselves as a valuable card then returning to those perks would draw me back.

  10. Our AMX-P is well worth keeping over the last decade since we cruise at least a few times per year. When you pay your cruise fare with the AMX-P, a not well know benefit is u earn a $300 Ship Board Credit on each cruise. You also earn other cruise benefits, when paying for your cruise with the AMX-P card (e.g., galley tour, a premium bottle of wine in you suite on embark).

    So, we earn at least $600 Ship board credits per year, plus our $200 Schwab credit makes this AMX-P a keeper (while we still cruise).

  11. Excellent analysis.
    Travel is very personal, as are Credit Card choices. The snide remarks are part of this curious lack of civility that seems to have become acceptable in the cyberworld.
    I probably do not get the full value from credit cards, and we are also very spoiled in the USA with the products available and their cost. Overseas, credit card annual fees are much higher, the return rates are generally much lower. No shortage of applicants though.
    An intangible that tends to make me keep my AMEX card is the backup and service, which is definitely superior to other issuers such as B of A, Citi, US Bank, Barclays. Chase is ultimately the best, and after recently dealing with Wells Fargo, I love AMEX and Chase even more.
    Having said that, AMEX continues to lag in acceptance overseas, but I actually use the AMEX cards very sparsely when I travel.
    Again, excellent piece. Great contribution from readers.

  12. My wife and I signed up for the AF waived/ no signup bonus Ameriprise Platinum card before AMEX changed the terms on that card. As mentioned, no bonus MR points were given but the annual fee was waived. We each cashed in on AA cash cards before they cancelled that perk. We each have used the Delta lounges about a dozen times this year.
    The increased AF comes due with my next statement and like the author of this article can’t find enough value with this card anymore, so both of us will cancel out after the fee posts. I have no use for Marriott Gold, I’m already Diamond with Hilton, Saks offers overpriced merchandise that you have to pay shipping on and the MR earning is lame for a premium card on everyday purchases.

    • I always wanted to get in on the Ameriprise train, but never got around to signing up. Bummed I missed that no AF offer.

  13. My husband and I both had Plat Business Cards (we have 2 businesses). I cancelled mine last year when they raised to rates. We kept his, and fortunately were able to take advantage of the Dell offer. However, we use Apple computers (bought a 65″ OLED LG TV). However, since Amex has tightened up the airline credit; it’s just not worth $595 anymore. So we are cancelling his card when it comes up in June. The 1X points you get for most purchases just aren’t worth using the card (we have the AX Blue Business and get 2X); and haven’t really gotten that much use on the 35% off airline credit if you use points. I like the Centurian lounges, but they are few and I don’t get to visit them enough to make this EXPENSIVE CARD worth the while. Too bad. Used to be my favorite card; especially when it let you into all the other airline lounges. We both have Hilton Aspire cards and Marriott cards so I guess it’s bye-bye to my favorite Plat card (before Amex devalued it)… Sigh.

  14. We enjoy our Schwab AMX-P. Yes, the $200 annual credit is a nice perk but we cruise 2-3 times per year and get $300 Ship Board Credit SBC for each cruise and other cruise bennies (e.g., galley tour, premium wine/champagne in suite on embark). So, our annual fee, $550 -$200 (Schwab), plus $600-$900 Ship Board Credit nets a significant positive $$ for us.

  15. Your points are valid but the Uber credit does work for some people and I have no issue using the airline credit for taxes on points flights.

  16. For me the business Plat still makes sense. 1.5X points on charges over 5K. 35% back on airline redemptions using points on my pref airline or any business or first ticket. This has paid off. The return protection is no nonsense and even covers accidental loss. I do get to use AMEX lounges roughly 6-10 times a year or more. They have been getting crowded and employees at front desk not really friendly and this program is nothing like when it started a few yrs ago. Business gets Dell $100.00 spend 2X year so that does work out. The travel credits were good in the past. Maybe I can figure out a way to still utilize them. Citi Prestige stinks by the way for the perks it offers me vs the ones I outlined above.

    • The 35% back on airline redemptions is why I’d pick the business over the personal. Then again, I better be sitting on a pile of MR.

  17. Already canceled… It’s way over-hyped… and only really hyped by bloggers getting kickbacks from AMEX…

    I agree with everything you said… PLUS how about only $.07 value on redeeming for Hotel stays? BS… I can get $.15 on hotel stays with the CSR.

    The airline credit is worthless for anyone who has even low-level status… Maybe if you could get away with paying for Wi-Fi or even cabin upgrades, but AMEX has purposefully blocked those.

    AMEX has gone out of their way to make the benefits of the platinum card VERY hard to use…

  18. Value the credits @ $300
    5x on airfare the Prestige already.
    All other benefits I already have thru my Biz Plat or other CC’s, including Marriott/Hilton Gold, FHR, IAP

    Already got a retention offer in 2019.

    Headed for a downgrade in 2020.

  19. This card is sooo overhyped. The credits are very difficult to use. My friend who has the Plat never gets discounts on Uber but I get 50% discounts from time to time. We rarely use Uber and are forced to use Uber Eats (also way overpriced) to use the credits.
    The airline fee credit is a joke. Good luck getting any value.
    Points have very low value except in very rare circumstances. Earning structure is very restrictive.

    Chase Sapphire Reserve for the win. 2% Fidelity Visa for the win!

    • The loss of most avenues to get good value from the airline credit really stings. I think short Southwest flights is one of the few ways left to do it.

      • I don’t fly Southwest. The airline credit is basically useless. I like Chase’s approach better. Except for a few seat assignment charges, I find that the airline credit is fairly useless. I liked it better when you could buy gift cards. So that airline credit is basically useless. $595 for the business card (or $550 for the plat card) is just not worth that exorbitant fee.

  20. I spend a lot of money on airfare each year. Hard to walk away from 5x points. I also use the Uber credit in full each year, and I value access to the DL SC and Amex CL. I don’t put any value on Marriott Gold, but it has to be better than having no Marriott status at all…. maybe. I use the $200 credit to buy an AS lounge membership on heavy discount which gives me AS/AA/DL/Centurion/PP for about $750 per year. Also, MR points as a transferrable currency give me more flexibility than just the Chase UR ecosystem. I use both and the flexibility would be hard to give up. Works for me.

    • If you spend a lot on airfare and travel often then it makes a lot of sense. Especially with the travel insurance coming soon. The only competitor would be the Prestige at 5X ThankYou points but the lounge access is worse and I think MR are more valuable than TY.

      • I think it goes back to the value difference between Platinum and other cards. At this0 point in my life the only real benefit that stands out for the Platinum to me is the 5x airfare and that’s all I use the card for. I can’t use Uber, Saks is something I only use because they give it to me and everyone else has the Priority Pass. I’m up for renewal now and the refreshed Green card gives 3x travel and 3x dining.

        If you want to stay with Amex why not downgrade to Green and combine with Blue for Business? Won’t work for everyone obviously but the difference of 2x airfare between the cards isn’t worth the $550 so I’m switching.

  21. I got a mailer from them to apply for this card. I had it once and dropped it for about all the reasons above. I didn’t think I could get it again, but no lifetime language and they targeted me. I got approved. I will buy, before the end of this year, 4 of the United Club passes and it will rebate me the $200 before the end of this year. I will do the same in 2020 or upgrade seats on upcoming trips. That leaves me with $200 left of value and I will consider that payment for the 50K membership rewards. Min. spend was easy enough with property tax and upcoming Fed tax. When it comes due next Dec. I will drop the card. I may hit one or two of the centurion lounges although I do not think much of them. We do fly to Chicago a good bit and there are no domestic lounges we can use and generally we are on UA. So, this will work for our family.

    • Nice! Didn’t know you could skirt the lifetime language with the Platinum. The sign-up bonus is the best thing it has going for it.

  22. I absolutely agree which is why I am not signing up for it either.

    I have to Gold card, and I upset about the airline credit changes. I should not have to jump through hoops. I prefer Chase and feel like I am getting better redemption for my points since I fly domestically right now.

    • Amex is really cracking down on the airline credits. Soon they will only be useful for their intended purpose. 🙁

  23. 1. A book and quick cancel flips expiring Uber credit into never-expiring
    2. Selecting WN as your airline unleashes the full $200 air incidentals credit as low fares (think $50 taxes on award flights to MX) trigger the credit.
    3. The Schwab version grants an automatic $200 credit annually w/ sufficient assets.
    4. Saks is worth $50 as everyone can use moisturizer, tweezers, or underwear shipped free.
    5. IAP and InsiderFares can save thousands

    • Blog posts like these are fishing expeditions to get information. Because this author cannot figure out how to offset fees doesn’t mean we should all explain how to do it. Just saying.

    • Interesting point on the Uber credit. That would certainly help its value, but probably not tip the scales enough for me.

      The Schwab discount would also be nice, but I’m guessing not everyone would be able to swing that.

  24. Wouldn’t the $29/pp DL lounge guest fee charge back to the Amex Plat card as a reimbursable fee credit if you’ve selected DL as your airline??

  25. I’m considering canceling myself.

    I love the Centurion Lounge benefit. I do use the Saks credit on makeup (most women do buy that). And I use the Uber credit towards Uber Eats. Did not use up my airline credit for the first time since gift cards no longer work.

    And one item you did not mention was that in the past, Amex Offers almost always offset the fee. But the offers have been very lame lately, and no more double dipping if you hold more than one card. If I pay to have 2 cards, I should be able to get the offer on both cards!

    But is the card worth the $550? Hmm. Having a hard time justifying it this year.

    • Amex offers come with any Amex card, although its possible the Platinum card sees better ones. The lack of double dipping now *really* hurts that as part of the value calculation.

      I will say that I do also love Centurion lounges. I just love $550 more than visiting them a handful of times per year. 😉

  26. counter point:

    1 get 2x$100 southwest gift voucher just about as good as cash.
    1 get 2x~$50 men’s shirts on close out mail ordered from Saks. Usually retail $125+ each. Plus free shoprunner for delivery.
    ! use the uber credits and if not travelling will use the $15 for uber eats.
    I also get $200 discount on $550 fee through Schwab.
    Then lounge visits say 30 persons per year at $10 value.

    So $350 for card with discount and I’d assess $800 in savings a good deal.

    Plus Hertz has best rates with the Platimun card always a few dollars cheaper than USAA.

    • Great points! I know it works for many. If I was getting a solid $800 for $350, I’d jump. It’s just more like getting maybe $650 for $550 for me, which isn’t worth the hassle.

      • Maybe the reason he has a cool mil in Schwab is because he sweated annual fees (and a lot of other options) along the way. You can too. Look how he realized value when others said “it ain’t worth it”. You do realize you’re being reverse elitist, right?

  27. Agree with every word in your post! I take an even more conservative evaluation of credit cards: a card needs to EARN 100% of its annual fee for me to keep it, i.e. a credit card with $200 annual fee needs to worth $400 for me to keep it. A bunch of cards indeed pass my test: all Marriott cards except Amex Brilliant, BoA BetterBalance, Chase IHG $49 for example. Sapphire Reserve does not though, so I’ve replaced it with Ritz Carlton. Amex Platinum definitely does not, obviously 🙂

  28. My same sentiments, especially with the annual fee at $550. I’m holding Hilton Aspire and the Sapphire cards. Marriott Gold elite status match with Platinum is rubbish. Little value to me with the extra perks and everyone is offering free TSA PreCheck credit. Got Priority Pass Select and usually travel business class anyway.

    • The Aspire really guts the value from the Platinum while providing additional perks of its own. I’m wondering if Amex realized this might tip the scales for some people. Two PP memberships aren’t better than one.

  29. “Why The American Express Platinum is Absolutely Not Worth The Annual Fee”

    …for you. You don’t have Uber in your area, you don’t shop at Saks, you don’t have a bunch of Amex-only lounges you would get access to, you already have Hilton Gold through another card, you don’t ever buy airline incidentals, the list goes on and on. Not sure why you think that means it is ‘absolutely not worth the annual fee’, unless you believe the world revolves around you.

    • Uhh, duh you genius, this post is about why he doesn’t think the card’s fee is justifiable to him.

      “Obviously, there are people for whom the American Express Platinum card is entirely worth the fee. But that is not me.”

      It is pretty apparent that a reader should infer that YMMV and to make one’s own decision based on one’s usage of the card’s various benefits. AKA stop getting your knickers in a bunch and write your own post.

    • So it’s worth it to you. Does the world revolve around you? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      Granted, I’m in a unique situation. I just wanted to lay out why the perks might not add up for everyone. Some people seem to (irrationally) adore their Platinum Card.

      • If I said “Why The American Express Platinum is Absolutely Worth The Annual Fee” then you could claim that. Your headline makes zero caveats, assumes everyone is like you (“absolutely not worth…”) and instills a ton of arrogance in your thinking.

    • Ben,

      Your post is a great example of Mark’s post just last week, “The One Thing I Hate About This Hobby – The Condescending & Arrogant” (https://milestomemories.boardingarea.com/the-one-thing-i-hate-about-this-hobby/). Thanks for demonstrating his points so nicely.

      For the record, I use my Uber and Saks allotments, Centurion lounges, and airline incidentals. And I totally agree with Ian and many of the other posts here, that it’s just not worth it. And my card will be cancelled next month at renewal.


      • Frank,

        I’m not sure how I’m the arrogant one when the author is claiming that “The American Express Platinum is Absolutely Not Worth The Annual Fee” per his headline. That sounds like total arrogance.

        The card definitely isn’t for everyone, but I don’t think you would tell any person considering it that “The American Express Platinum is Absolutely Not Worth The Annual Fee” which is what the headline implies.

        • You probably should stop reading blogs. Or perhaps, when reading blogs, you should actually read the blog. One or the other.


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