Europe Reopening Could Exclude Americans

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Europe Reopening Could Exclude Americans

The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on travel around the world. But some countries who are past the peak of the pandemic are now reopening their borders. Countries in the European Union have already opened borders for travel within the union and a few other European countries.

But on July 1, borders will open up to more countries around the world. The details of which countries’ citizens will be allowed to visit Europe starting from July, has not been finalized yet. But there is bad news for American looking to visit Europe.

Americans Could be Barred

The New York Times reports that current proposals could block Americans from entering because the United States has failed to control the pandemic.

Draft lists of acceptable travelers seen by The New York Times would group Americans with Russians, Brazilians and others, and bar them from entering the EU for now. The United States has 2.3 million cases so far over 120,000 deaths. The pandemic has been under control more recently, but the reopening has brought spikes in new cases and hospitalizations in some states.

The drafts from the European Union are drawn up based on a benchmark of the E.U. average number of new infections. That is currently at 16 per 100,000 people, over the last 14 days. By comparison, the United States is at 107, Brazil’s at 190 and Russia’s has 80 infections per 100,000 people, over the last 14 days.

Reciprocal Ban?

A ban on Americans from Europe would most likely see some reciprocal action taken by the United States. That has been a warning that has been repeated several times.

Back in March, Europe was the epicenter of the pandemic. Most citizens from European Union countries were banned from traveling to the United States. Then in May and early June, President Trump said that Europe was making progress. He hinted that restrictions could be soon eased. But since then, no further steps have been taken towards resuming travel between the continents.

And if Americans are not allowed to travel to Europe, most likely the same will be true for Europeans travelling to the United States.

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  1. Americans deserve to be banned. Our country’s leadership is so tragically incompetent and negligent that the epidemic has no end in sight….at least hopefully until Nov 3 and Jan 20 when new and intelligent leadership might change the trajectory. In the meantime, my fellow Americans and I reap what our electoral system has sown.

    • Bill, in all honesty, you deserve to be banned. You really don’t understand how government works. I bet you also support free everything for everybody, defund the police, reshape Mt Rushmore and more.
      Why don’t you stay home and worry yourself to death? (and don’t twist that into a threat. It is just an expression

  2. Agree that the US is a mess right now and don’t blame states or other countries trying to limit the number of infected people from entering. In the US, however, recent studies suggest that the protests have had minimal impact on COVID ( The bigger problem is individual people not following recommended guidelines in social distancing and the politicization of wearing masks. Staging political rallies without distancing and masks is also not helping the problem.

    • Nothing against you it’s just funny to hear so mich fake new & studies, but its a great laugh protest have no effect :)) like a broken record name 1 study or guidance that stick to what they say. Mask dont help but now must have them. Spread was once super spread through air (airborne virus), vents, AC systems.. It then went to droplet spread and by close contact, but now hundreds of thousands people screaming and chanting in very close & touching contact has no effect, ya right 🙂 What about the study shows highly spread by touching surfaces and face, then last week study shows not likey to spread by touching surface etc etc… What I don’t believe for a sec is a study saying protest don’t impact COVID that’s probally just another protestor self study trying to encourage more people to protest by thinking its low risk :)) a month later you will see huge COVID spike as its doing now and study will shows high #s linked to protest, I bet my 401k on that :))

  3. Honestly I can not blame any other country from baning the USA just as USA is quick to ban other countries that are not nearly as bad. The USA has the worst COVID break outs in the world so baning the USA is the right thing to do. More so now since we have uncontrolled protest which is now making our COVID #s out of control who would want us in their country? Unless of course your from Hawaii or Alaska the only protected states with mandatory 14 day quarantine or negative COVID test to enter. Even states within the United states are trying to ban each other NY & FL, USA is a disaster right now. We have to control protesting before we can start to control COVID.


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