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My Hyatt Mistake Rate Is Canceled: Did They Just Bonvoy me?

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Andaz Mexico City Mistake Rate Cancellation

Andaz Mexico City Mistake Rate Cancellation

Recently I booked a stay at the Andaz Mexico City Condesa, because the rate on the Hyatt site seemed too good to be true. For a period of time the site was only charging 6,000 points + $36 for any room throughout the next year. I knew this deal wasn’t going to last, so I booked it immediately. 2 weeks after booking it, I began to think the deal would be honored, but it now seems that Hyatt won’t be honoring it after all. In this article, I’ll share how I booked this deal and the latest with the Andaz Mexico City mistake rate cancellation.

How I Found the Andaz Mexico City Mistake Rate

Originally I found this deal on Flyertalk when the Andaz Mexico City name stuck out. I didn’t know there was a new Andaz in Mexico City, so I clicked on the thread. At first I thought they were discussing the new hotel, but I quickly saw the deal and wanted to jump on it. Although I just visited Mexico City, I loved it, so I thought I could take my dad there. I immediately booked it, as I was concerned that the deal would get attention and be pulled. That happened in a strange way.

Andaz Mexico City Mistake Rate – The Word Spread Far & Wide

I booked this at school 😉 around 2 PM on Tuesday, October 18. For the next 2 days, the deal remained under the radar. There are some people I know who did get in on the deal, but that was not until Thursday. On Friday, View From the Wing posted this deal along with a number of other blogs. They posted it around 3 PM, but at around 6 PM Hyatt began pulling the rate, meaning the deal was dead. It had received too much attention.

What I Booked & Cash Value: The price for this rate was $39 + 6,000 points per night for an Andaz Suite. For my dates, the cash rate is $1689.07. Talk about a good deal!

Andaz Mexico City Condesa Andaz Suite –

Why I Thought This Was Going to Be Honored

The main reason I thought the Andaz Mexico City mistake rate would be honored was time passing and the fact that Hyatt has generally honored these types of rates in the past. With most of these deals, companies usually announce if they will or will not honor a booking within the first couple of days after the deal has been pulled. As I said, Hyatt also seems to have a pretty good track record for honoring these deals as well. Unfortunately that didn’t happen in this case as Hyatt ended up canceling the reservation about 3 weeks later.

My Canceled Andaz Mexico City Booking

After weeks of excitement, I woke up on Wednesday, November 9th to an article on View From the Wing stating that Hyatt won’t be honoring this rate. I thought this to be odd since 3 weeks had passed, but that was Hyatt’s decision. To see what could be done I then direct messaged Hyatt Concierge to confirm if my reservation was canceled. Sure enough, they said it would be canceled.

Andaz Mexico City Mistake Rate – What Should I Do Now?

I’m not too sure what to do now. I’m the only person left to have not gotten an email. What is also strange is that I’ve seen some data points that say their reservation is still in the app, and their points haven’t been returned. A Hyatt Phone Agent told me that it seems like they are sending these emails on a case-by-case basis. My reservation is in July, which makes me think that it might be a few days until I receive mine. Perhaps it will take time to work through the reservations. For the record, here is the email everyone is receiving:

“Unfortunately, for a short period, an incorrect room rate was displayed for Andaz Mexico City Condesa on our website. As soon as we learned of this, we quickly resolved the issue. We sincerely apologize for this inadvertent error.


As a result of this situation, the hotel will not be able to honor your reservation. Your reservation has been canceled at this time in accordance with the terms and conditions. If you wish to rebook your stay at Andaz Mexico City Condesa or another Hyatt hotel, please contact Hyatt Customer Care toll-free at 1-800-233-1234.


We apologize for any inconvenience this situation may have caused, and thank you in advance for your understanding. We hope to welcome you for a stay soon at Andaz Mexico City Condesa.”

The agent I spoke with over the phone basically told me that I was out of luck with alternatives, even when I offered for them to put me in a standard room. I also asked to be put in another full-service Hyatt suite, but that wasn’t an option either. Hyatt is not honoring this rate.

This Was a Poorly Communicated Deal

Overall, I’m a little disappointed with the way Hyatt has handled this deal given the amount of time it has taken to cancel reservations. Their terms do allow for this, but working with customers to come up with an alternative would have been nice. Instead, they decided to simply tell customers that they are “out of luck”. Plus, people may have booked non-refundable flights, which means they could have to scramble to find an affordable hotel. I think Hyatt might have Bonvoyed us for once!

Andaz Mexico City Mistake Rate Cancellation – Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I am very disappointed with Hyatt. They decided to change their mind 3 weeks later, and they also communicated the cancellation in a poor way. I hope to get an outcome that is better than “go pound sand”, but I’m not counting on it.

What are your thoughts on this Andaz Mexico City Mistake Rate? Did Hyatt do a bad job with this? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. It’s good to know that a lot of rooms and suites are opening up at that property. I plan to book a stay there ASAP using regular points. Thanks for the info!

  2. @Jefff – “deceptive trade practices” – Really? I assume you don’t know but there have been cases that have affirmed the right of airlines and hotels to revoke mistake fares. Just because you think someone “should” do something doesn’t mean they are obligated to do so.

    How about researching something a little more before you spout off next time!

    • Why is it, that whenever you post it is so INCREDIBLY NEGATIVE? You have bragged about how much bread you have and how many awesome corporate jobs and you don’t need to worry about this or that and have money so you don’t need to use miles and points, etc. SO WHY ARE YOU HERE?

      • @Carl – Told you ahole I am mainly here for the LV videocast. Most of the rest is petty BS. I just can’t stand people making stupid comments that are totally unreasonable or have no basis in law. Not negative dude – just realistic. BTW jealousy of my success in my career makes you a pretty small person

        • I know what the abbreviation ahole means. Not good for you to be calling names here.

          Haha! Jealous? I fully retired at 51. I don’t think I am jealous at all, especially of being a mean spirited and RUDE person.

          • @Carl – I retired early also, hence the name, and now travel, play golf and gamble (quite heavily). Life is good and the fact my comments may upset you and others makes me smile. I’ll make sure and keep them coming. Oh yeah if MTM blocks this account. I have countless email accounts and names I can use so will continue to call out entitlement and BS when I see it.

  3. What is wrong with you people? It was a mistake rare, and you knew it. You think some business is going to operate at a loss for months just to appease some freeloaders and bloggers? You should book these mistake rates expecting that it will not be honored, but you might get lucky if the mistake isn’t too damaging. But to listen to entitled people who act like you’re a victim makes me nauseous.

    • If nauseated, sit back,, have a glass of warm milk and STOP READING THIS COLUMN. Your nausea (and attitude) will soon pass.

    • Disagree with you here, Mantis. If Hyatt posts a mistake room rate, they should honor it. Alternatively, they might consider employing better quality control mechanisms so that this type of mistake is unlikely to occur in the future. Arguably, it could be looked at at as deceptive trade practice.

  4. I wouldn’t have called them…why draw attention to your reservation (which may have been flagged after the call..). I probably would have quickly looked for alternative hotels in the meantime as a back up–double book myself..and wait and see what happens down the road.

    I’m not sure how Hyatt’s ‘terms and conditions’ read.. if in their verbiage they say ‘if error in pricing, we can and will cancel the booking’, then nothing you can do, and you’ve been caught.

  5. I would proceed with small claims court. This has been going on for too long with hotel corporations. I have had this happen at Marriott, Hyatt, & IHG. Honor your rates. The bar is very low in customer service, and it is very sad!

  6. I love Hyatt, but here they have to man-up and either honor the rate or give some other consideration. Unfortunately, and this is not limited to Hyatt, companies forget two things: that loyalty is a two-way street and that these kind of one-sided decisions, bordering on arrogance, is not forgotten and will be paid back ten-fold in the future.

    A future travel decision will not forget the remnants of past treatment. There are good times and bad times, and in the latter is where dividends are paid for past courtesies and rewards for loyalty. If you are not happy, vote with your feet; leave, use someone else, and don’t come back unless and until your loyaty has again been earned.

  7. At least they are cancelling everyone’s and not honoring for some people and not others. I never understand when companies have price mistakes and don’t get all their customer service on the same page. That annoys people even more.

    • That’s a good point for sure. But at the same time, this is pretty terrible service if you are a 60+ night Globalist, as you are now being told you won’t be getting anything, whether it be a downgraded room, compensation, or that the reservation will be honored.

  8. I think it would be worth filing a complaint somewhere about it though, seeing as it took 2-3 weeks to get canceled. It would be nice to at least get some sort of compensation.

    • Indeed. I have spoken with numerous people, including a PR contact, Hyatt Concierge, and also Corporate Affairs. That hasn’t gone anywhere, and 3 of the 3 agencies have told me to pound sand, so I have resorted to filing a claim with the Nevada Attorney General’s office, which I forwarded to the Hyatt legal department.

  9. Gary at VFTW reported on this a few days ago and stated all the mistake rates were cancelled (which is within Hyatt’s discretion). His only complaint was that it was done 2-3 weeks after booking when people probably thought they were “safe” and have booked airfare and other expenses that are non refundable. Frankly that isn’t Hyatt’s issue. Any fare that is too good to be true (and likely a mistake) is, at best, 50% to be honored so buyer beware. You of all people should know that

    • I disagree. I think it is Hyatt’s issue. Since I knew this was a mistake rate, I’d know better than booking a non-refundable flight, rental car, etc. However, there could be an average Bob who decides to visit family or friends in Mexico City. He may have found this cheap rate, not knowing it was a mistake rate, and booked it. If he had his non-refundable flights booked, then he’d be in a bad situation.

      The obligation for hotels is for you to pay them in exchange for a room. Hyatt failed to do this. Therefore, it is still Hyatt’s problem, and it is terrible how this rate was available, not communicated about, and then suddenly canceled. Thanks for reading.


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