Marriott Purchases Hotel Group, Cheap Redemption to Europe & The World’s Longest Running Airlines

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Roundup: Articles From Around the Web

Here are some posts from around the web that I thought you may find interesting.  Let me know if there is anything good I missed.  Email me anything awesome that you find, or write, at


Marriott International Announces Purchase of Elegant Hotels Group – Travel Pulse

Only 7 hotels but getting more all inclusive hotels you can book with points is always a good thing.

The Cheapest* Way to Europe: Iberia Plus – Travel On Point(s)

Iberia is a program I have never used a ton and something I know I should get into more.

The world’s longest-running airlines – CNN Travel

I didn’t realize Avianca had been around that long.  An interesting look at the airline industry’s longevity.


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