Ritz Carlton Retention Call Results, Should Families Be Seated Together & A Trip Report From The Newest Canary Island

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Could Families Soon Automatically Be Seated Together On Planes, Even In Basic Economy? – YMMV

This really should be a law.  I know the airlines try to accommodate families most of the time but there is no reason they shouldn’t be forced to keep small children with their parents. And yes, even basic economy seats should be included since it is just a reason for them to charge more for main cabin anyway.

Keep or Cancel – JPMorgan Chase Ritz-Carlton Visa Card – Plus Retention Call Results (2019) – Middle Age Miles

Chase is usually a stickler on retention offers so it is good to see them loosen up a bit on them.  This is a solid card, especially with everyone else nerfing their Priority Pass benefits.


This place looks breathtaking and mostly undisturbed.  Another great trip report from Megan and I love that the dogs kind of rule the land.  What a unique place to visit.


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  1. I disagree about needing a law for children to sit together. There will always be people who can’t follow basic rules. It is very simple, if you need to sit next to your child, then pay for a seat. Why do the people who always follow the rules always have to suffer because other people don’t. And from the fact that Chuck Schumer is proposing the law, I doubt it will pass. Schumer is just a loudmouth who likes to get his face on TV. I remember a few years ago when gas prices spiked to over $4 a gallon and Schumer ran around saying he was going to investigate the oil companies – look where that went – nowhere. Here is a simple law you can pass, any person who travels with a young child should not be allowed to purchase a basic economy ticket – see, I have now solved your problem of people not sitting next to their children.

    I love basic economy – it allows me many times to get dirt cheap tickets.


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