Fantastic Amex Offers from Best Buy & Newegg: Loading, Maximizing & Splitting Payments

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American Express is continuing the pre-holiday fun with more Amex Offers. Today they released two publicly available offers that I think everyone can benefit from. Let’s take a look.

Best Buy Amex Offer

Best Buy Amex Offer

The Offer

Get a one-time $25 statement credit by using your connected Card to spend a minimum of $250+ in one or more transactions in-store at Best Buy or online at by 12/31/16.

Key Terms

  • Valid at any participating location in the US and US Territories.
  • Not valid for e-gift card purchases.
  • Excludes corporate gift card purchases.
  • Excludes Best Buy Express, Geek Squad services made outside of Best Buy, Best Buy Parts Store, Best Buy Private Store & Auction or at standalone Pacific Sales stores.

You can find the full details and complete offer terms here.

How to Load

This offer may be available on the American Express website or it can be loaded via Twitter by tweeting #AmexBestBuy from a connected account.

Maximizing, Visa Gift Cards & Splitting Payments

Best Buy Amex Offer
A Best Buy Visa gift card from last holiday season.

Best Buy sells a ton of different gift cards that you can buy. Additionally, during the holiday season they normally have $200 Visa gift cards issued by Metabank available for purchase for $206.95. Their new POS system easily allows you to split transactions among multiple cards which makes checking out easier.

To split a transaction, simply hit “no” when it asks if you want to put the full amount on the card you are using and then follow the prompts. You can split between several cards, although I do not know the limit. With an offer like this, you could for example purchase 5 X $200 cards in one transaction and pay with 4 linked Amex cards. You would pay $34.75 in fees and receive $100 in credit for a profit of $65.25. Splitting the payment also helps with large electronics purchases.

Newegg Amex Offer

Best Buy Amex Offer

The Offer

Get a one-time $25 statement credit by using your connected Card to spend a minimum of $200+ in one or more transactions online at  by 12/31/16.

Key Terms

  • Valid online only.
  • Includes purchases via merchant mobile app.
  • Valid only on US website.
  • Excludes Newegg Business and Nutrend Automotive.
  • See merchant website for shipping policy.

You can find the full details and complete offer terms here.

How to Load

This offer may be available on the American Express website or it can be loaded via Twitter by tweeting #AmexNewegg from a connected account.

Maximizing & Gift Cards

Best Buy Amex Offer

This is really a good way to get 12.5% off gift cards that you use regularly. Try to go for cards that don’t normally show up on third party resale sites or which don’t normally have a large discount. Also, if you just wanted to pocket a few bucks, you could purchase a $100 e-Visa for use online for $105.95. That would give you a profit of $13.10 when buying two, but those cards cannot be liquidated.

Newegg also has very good electronics and combo deals from time to time which you might be able to take advantage of. Look for their “Shell Shockers” and pay attention as it gets closer to Black Friday to see what they offer.


This has been a very good week for Amex Offers following the release of the amazing Sam’s Club deal. Thankfully these two offers are not targeted which means everyone can get in on the fun. While Newegg may be a bit more niche, speaking from experience there is definitely opportunity with them and of course Best Buy is great as well. Happy loading!

Shawn Coomer
Shawn Coomer earns and burns millions of miles/points per year circling the globe with his family. An expert at accumulating travel rewards, he founded Miles to Memories to help others achieve their travel goals for pennies on the dollar. Shawn also runs a million dollar reselling business, knows Vegas better than most and loves to spend his time at the 12 Disney parks across the world.

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  1. I went to Best Buy today. Did not see any Visa cards, so I asked. They had to dig through drawers to find a few. They told me they were phasing these out??? Huh?

    No problem splitting tender. The cashier just had to type in the amount I wanted on each card.

    • Last year my local stores started getting them in with the holiday Best Buy gift cards around the middle of November. The photo in this post was from 11/19/15 which is the first time I saw them in the store last year.

  2. Sean – With the BB $25 off $250 amex offer this past summer (expired 9/5/16) I was not able to split tender. I was successful in previous iterations of this offer. The difference was all of my cards are now chip cards and they weren’t previously. The cashier said that the split tender has not been working with chip cards. Ignoring his advice I pressed him to try and we were unsuccessful. Have you tried splitting tender with chip cards at best buy?

    • The last time I split tender was early this year and it was with chip cards. I haven’t tried since September, so maybe something has changed. Hopefully I will get a chance to try soon and I can report back.

      • Split tender worked for me. I put 251 on 3 cards, and the balance on the rest. Just need to have a rep who knows how to do it, and doesnt care enough that you’re doing it.

        • So does that mean your store had Visa gift cards? Or were you purchasing something else? I just checked my local store a few days ago, and they don’t have any Visa cards yet.

    • Another option to get around the chip cards is to pay with your AMEX through Android Pay or Samsung Pay on your phone. Pretty easy.

  3. Looks like $5.95 fee on that card as opposed to $6.95. Do you know when the stores usually begin stocking these?

    • Thanks for catching that. Around the middle of November. The picture in this post was from November 19 of last year which was the first time I saw them in my local store.

  4. @Shawn,

    I don’t see where you can split tender at Newegg.
    When I am on billing page, I select one CC.
    At review stage, I see no button about paying
    full amount or not.


  5. Not seeing a lot of resale opportunities based on a quick scan. Even something like EBay or Dell that in the past would have gone for a high resale percentage is now showing 80% or below on GiftCardWiki. Doesn’t seem like its worth bothering with.

    I may just pick up some Hyatt eGift Cards JUST BEFORE USE to keep my risk low. But that might be it.

  6. Too bad Ebay gift cards are no practically worthless…this would have been way better about 2 months ago…for me at least 🙁

  7. Doesn’t the math work out to be 5 x $200 with 4 linked cards = $25 x 4 statement credits = $100 – $34.75 = $65.25 profit?


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