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Confirmed: Caesars Rewards Diamond Celebration Dinner Extended With Other Perks

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Caesars Rewards Diamond Celebration Dinner Extended
The view from my hotel room at Ceasars Palace for re-opening night.

Caesars Rewards Diamond Celebration Dinner Extended With Other Perks

I am the bearer of good news on this Friday morning.  If you remember a month or so ago when I shared that Caesars Rewards was extending status because of the pandemic we were not sure if perks were extended as well.  The most notable one that people were worried about is the diamond celebration dinner.  Would people be forced to try to use it this year? I am happy to say that I have double confirmed that the Caesars Rewards diamond celebration dinner was extended along with other perks.  So there is no need to rush out there to use it if you don’t feel comfortable yet.

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Details of the Extension

Reader Carl WV kicked it off on my post about which restaurants are currently available for diamond celebration dinner redemptions right now.

Caesars Rewards Diamond Celebration Dinner Extended

This made it sound like the diamond celebration dinner would be extended for another year if you didn’t use it.  I assumed that would transfer to all perks earned with status like the $600 airfare credit for Diamond Elite members etc.  I decided to reach out to Caesars Rewards to confirm on Twitter:

Caesars Rewards Diamond Celebration Dinner Extended

They confirmed that all perks earned through the various levels of status this year will be extended till 1/31/22.  That is only if you do not use them this year.

What About Next Year?

It seems like you may be able to stack these offers and have two dinners next year if you play it right (terms page):

If you do not use your benefits in 2020, they will be extended and available to use in 2021. If you have earned status for 2021 then you will have a new set of benefits available, like normal.

I read that as you can carry over this year’s dinner if you do not use it.  You will also be able to earn it again in 2021 like normal. Will it will actually work that way? Only time will tell but that is the way I read it.

Final Thoughts

Having the Caesars Rewards diamond celebration dinner extended from this year until 1/31/22 is a great move on their part.  It doesn’t have anyone feel forced to enter a casino before they are ready simply to use their perks.  And the side benefit may be that we are able to stack two dinners in one calendar year.

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Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann is a father, husband and miles/points fanatic. He left the corporate world after starting a family in order to be a stay at home dad. Mark is constantly looking at ways to save money and stay within budget while also taking awesome vacations with his family. When he isn't caring for his family or taking a weekend trip, Mark is working towards his goal of visiting every Major League Baseball ballpark.

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  1. How about if we status match to Diamond from Wyndham Rewards? Will we still earn the 2021 celebration dinner that way as in the past? Or does the extension of the 2020 tier override the Wyndham partnership match?

  2. Probably a moot point since I plan to get at least 25,000 TCs for the foreseeable future and never use my comp until the fall (after I have hit 25,000 that year). However my host told me you got it the first year you qualified (good through Jan of the following year) PLUS the next year since you had Diamond startups that entire year based on earnings the previous year. Maybe the host was wrong and didn’t understand the program but I have in the past used the comp in a year before I hit Diamond that year based on TCs earned with no problem.

    Again, we are splitting hairs here since I plan to keep earning Diamond Plus (at least) based on my play and it is, after all, only $100 which is one bet or less at the level I play. However maybe you are right and both my understanding and what I was told by my host is wrong. In any event we have beat this horse to death.

  3. Mark – not to be argumentative but I have already earned my status for 2021 based on earning tier credits in 2020. I have my 2020 status based on earning almost 60,000 TCs in 2019 and that includes the 2020 $100 dinner and other perks. Similarly in 2020 I have already earned 28,000 TCs which gives me Diamond Plus (and the benefits) for 2021 even if my status hadn’t been extended.

    Does this make sense now? Trust me long time Caesars member (and semi-serious gambler and poker player). I understand the rules and have clearly already hit the requirements for 2021. I’m someone that actually losses by everyone’s status getting extended!

    • AC I get that – I was a 40K-80K tier credit player for many years. You earned status for 2021 since it carries over a year but you will not get a diamond celebration dinner until you qualify again in 2021. The Diamond dinner is issued when you reach status in that calendar year. It isn’t earned for the next year or carry over like status does. That is why it is good till Jan 31st of the following year – for people that reach the status at the very end of the year.

      Earn Diamond status in 2019 it is good till 1/31/21 but the diamond dinner is only good till 1/31/20. That is why you wouldn’t have had a diamond dinner in your account on 2/1 unless you already hit status for 2020 in January of this year. Hope that makes sense but that is the way it works.

  4. Mark – I have already earned it again this year. I was above the Diamond Plus level by end of February.

    Therefore I have not only got the dinner and other perks for 2020 but have earned them for 2021. My only concern is I get lumped in w all the other people that were extended

    • Not sure why you are saying you earned the diamond celebration dinner for 2021. You earned the status in 2020 so you get the dinner for this year. Status normally carries over to the next year but you have to re-earn the dinner voucher again when you hit 15K again next year. You don’t earn that cert a year ahead.

      The cert from this year is only extended to next year if you don’t use it this year. So you will still need to earn it again next year unless you don’t redeem it this year.

  5. Mike Saint – agree completely with you. My reluctance to travel isn’t due to virus worries but that the overall experience isn’t that great. That being said I did go to a nearby casino last week and am driving to Jacksonville Sunday so I can play poker (6 handed w masks and other precautions)

    Frankly if you wear masks (questionable I know and I hate them but will wear if they may make a difference), keep your distance and wash your hands you are as safe traveling as hanging around your town. If you are high risk don’t leave home but if not (and I’m 62 but in good health w a strong immune system) people should make their own risk based decisions and I hate those that try to shame people who don’t do as they do!

  6. This is good news and they are doing the right thing. I’m surprised how many people are still paranoid about traveling throughout 2020 even though they have no idea how bad or better it will be. I figure my odds are just as bad in my town vs. going to Vegas (except maybe on the plane but I have a short 45 minute flight).

    Hopefully I’ll go and use it this year.

    • I have a trip planned for November so hoping there is a good outlook over the next month or two. I think it is more about being inside a casino versus it being in Vegas. Any big group indoors comes with more risk. That is my take on it at least.

  7. i used mine in february 2020 before the pandemic. does this mean that i don’t get another one in 2021 since status is extended to 2022?

    that would suck…

    • You will have to re-qualify or rematch status in 2021 to get another diamond certificate – that is correct. The extension shouldn’t stop you from earning it again though, at least that is the way I read their terms above.

  8. I plan to use mine this year since I will be in Las Vegas in the fall and also have trips to several other Caesars casinos planned.

    I have already earned Diamond Plus for 2021 (28,000 Tier Credits and counting) so the carry over doesn’t impact me. However ai assume since I have already earned Diamond Plus for 2021 I can use the $100 dinner in 2020 and then use the one I earned for 2021. Hate to loss this due to status and benefits being extended when I have already relearned it the old fashioned way (by gambling a lot)

    • Pretty sure you will have to re earn it in the 2021 calendar year. Status from this year carries over but if you use the 2020 cert this year you have to earn it all over again next year. Unless I am misunderstanding what you are saying but sounds like it won’t be an issue anyway.


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