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Why I Turned Down Both Amex Surpass Retention Offers & Still...

We've been longtime Hilton cardholders, but we were curious about potential Amex Surpass retention offers. Here's what we were offered and why we closed.

Quick Win: Buy Pringles and Get Lunch for About a Buck

I love great deals, big and small. Pringles and Wendy's have a quick win available now. Here's how to buy Pringles and get lunch for about a buck!

Atlantic City Is Reopening, But Without Any Of The Fun: No...

Atlantic City is reopening but without any of the fun. New Jersey's Governor eliminates smoking, eating or drinking inside the casinos.

Delta’s CEO Has Failed Customers & Crew With Wishy Washy Policy

The Delta Airlines mask policy has gone back and forth a bit in a matter of days. Delta's CEO has failed to make a clear and concise policy on the matter.

Call Kroger Today to Extend Your Fuel Points Before They Go...

Did you know that you can extend Kroger fuel points? Don't let those hard earned savings vanish, there is a simple way to extend your fuel points.

(Glitch Fixed) Delta Flights Booked With Virgin Atlantic Miles Vanish From...

I have received multiple reports that Delta flights that were booked with Virgin Atlantic miles have vanished from member's Delta app and website.

If You Want To Stay At Vegas’ Newest Property You Are...

It is now possible to book Circa Las Vegas rooms for the hotel opening in December. The rest of the property will be opening prior to the hotel.

Will This Be The End of Qantas’ Famed First Class?

Qantas First Class is one of the premier products among points and miles enthusiasts. But will we ever see this amazing product fly post-pandemic?