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Hotel News & Information

Articles discussing a variety of different hotel chains.

Devaluation! Marriott Guts Meeting Program – No More Elite Night Credits

Starting in January of 2020 Marriott meetings no longer earn elite nights which is a blow to anyone who tries to manufacture elite status with the brand.

IHG Rewards Club Testing New ‘Pay with Points’ Option

With this new option, users will be able to pay for anything from a drink at the bar to relaxing day at the spa using their IHG Rewards Club points.

California Bans Travel Size Toiletries

The State of California has passed a law to ban all hotels from carrying travel-sized toiletry bottles.

Marriott Wholesale Rates Will Soon Be Available Only with Expedia

Marriott and Expedia have announced a deal that makes the online travel agency the exclusive distributor of Marriott's wholesale rates and availability starting October 15.

Welcome to Life After the Marriott Travel-Sized Toiletries Change

Marriott Travel-Sized Toiletries Are Going Away, and My Recent Experience Was Great A little over 2 weeks ago, we covered the announcement that Marriott travel-sized toiletries would be leaving its properties. By the time of...

Marriott Will Get Rid of Travel-Size Toiletries in All Its Hotel Rooms

In an effort to be more eco-friendly, Marriott announced this week it will no longer provide single-use, travel-sized toiletry bottles in hotel rooms.

PSA: Converting Your Old Marriott Certificates Is Easy & Do It Before They Expire...

Many Marriott certificates from the old program are expiring very soon. Thankfully it is possible to convert them and extend their expiration another year. I just did it. Here is how.

Marriott Sued Over Hidden Fees

"Marriott reaped hundreds of millions of dollars in profit by deceiving consumers about the true price of its hotel rooms. Bait-and-switch advertising and deceptive pricing practices are illegal."