Brazil Now Offers a One-Year Digital Nomad Visa

Brazil Now Offers a One-Year Digital Nomad Visa

Brazil now offers a one-year digital nomad visa to foreigners, allowing you to work remotely but live in Brazil. Here are the details.
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Our Entertaining Hobby – 2021’s Biggest Points and Travel Surprises

Points and travel surprises are constant in our hobby, and this year certainly didn't disappoint. These are the biggest ones from 2021.
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U.S. Cities and States with COVID Restrictions due to Omicron Cases

There are several U.S. cities with updated COVID restrictions, due to Omicron cases. These can affect your travel plans, so take a look.

Dear Santa – The 2022 Points and Travel Changes on My Wish List

I don't wish for much anymore, but there are a few points and travel changes I wish would come true. Santa, please bring me these!
Image of man with foot on top of suitcase, waiting at airport - a perk of United Silver status is that he can check a bag for free, providing extra value on each flight

Back in the Saddle Again – Observations from My First Flights in Two Years

I recently flew for the first time in almost two years. Today, I'm sharing my air travel news and observations from my first flights back.
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Turkey Day Takes: The Points and Travel Developments I’m Thankful For in 2021

This year has seen plenty of changes with points and travel - positive and negative. Here's why I think we come out ahead so far in 2021.

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I love travel, but I have related grievances. Here are a few of the big ones for me. Are you with me on any of these or not?

D’Oh! Check Out My Biggest Travel Mistake in Recent Memory

I don't make a big travel mistake often, but my recent one was a real humdinger. What would you have done if you were in my situation?