uber safety issue

Uber Shut Down Spree – Accounts Locked For Gift Card Loads

There is an Uber shut down spree going on right now targeting peoples accounts that loaded discounted gift cards to their account.

Two New Lounges Now Open at PHX

American Express and MAG USA have announced the opening of The Centurion Lounge and Escape Lounge at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX).

Who Knew? Don’t Skinny Dip In Venice Canals Or Pay Dearly!

Two Czech tourists learned it the hard way but don't skinny dip in Venice canals unless you want to pay thousands of dollars in fines!

Need a Lyft Ride? Now It Suggests You Drive Yourself

Lyft is testing out a new service in California. When you go to book a ride in the app, besides the usual options that you expect, it will also show you a rental rate.

Get On Your Flight or Go To Jail In Singapore!

People really want to visit one of the best airports in the world. They book refundable tickets which they cancel before the flight takes off, which is against Singapore Changi airport rules.
Final thoughts on being a victim of discrimination at the airport

New Restriction Added for The Club Airport Lounges

They have added a new rule now that restricts entry to their lounges. Starting in September, you will only be allowed entry within three hours prior to your departure.

US Issues Hong Kong Travel Warning Over Protests

Hong Kong is a very popular travel destination is Asia. But recent events have forced the United States to issue a travel warning.

No Soup For You: Is Priority Pass Removing Restaurants from Credit Card Memberships?

Priority Pass has a dedicated page about the program changes and looks like it has just confirmed that it might cut the non-lounge access benefit for all Priority Pass Select members.