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Top 5 Caesars Rewards Diamond Celebration Dinner Locations in Vegas & The Current Full List

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Caesars Diamond Celebration Dinner

Caesars Diamond Celebration Dinner

Recently I did a list of the 5 highest rated Caesars Rewards free ticket shows based on TripAdvisor ratings. Due to the popularity of that post I have decided to cover the highest rated Caesars Diamond celebration dinner locations in Las Vegas.

Updated 3/9/22: With The Oyster Bar rumored to be closing in a month and Hash House no longer being on the list of options I updated the top 5 available.

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Caesars Status Levels

Let’s first take a look what is required to earn each level of status in the Caesars Rewards program. The tier credits required can be earned from gaming, hotel, dining and property spend. Just be sure to show your players card before every purchase, or bill it back to your room if staying at a Caesars Rewards property.

Here are the levels and their tier credit requirements:

  • Gold – 0 Tier Credits (everyone starts out with Gold status)
  • Platinum – 5,000+ Tier Credits
  • Diamond – 15,000+ Tier Credits
  • Diamond Plus – 25,000+ Tier Credits
  • Diamond Elite – 75,000+ Tier Credits
  • Seven Stars – 150,000+ Tier Credits

Once you earn 15,000 tier credits in a calendar year you unlock the $100 Caesars Rewards Diamond celebration dinner. You can also unlock the dinner if you earn Diamond status via a match.  If you earn 150,000 tier credits, and unlock Seven Stars status, you earn an additional $500 celebration dinner.

Caesars Diamond Celebration Dinner Overview

Despite the fact that Caesars Rewards has gutted their program quite a bit the past few years. Especially when it comes to Diamond Lounge access. One amazing perk has remained for Caesars Rewards Diamond members through it all though, the celebration dinner.

Every year upon qualification or renewal, Caesars Rewards Diamond members receive a $100 Celebration Dinner voucher. This is one of the better perks of Diamond status and even people who reach the status via status match or through FoundersCard get this perk.

Caesars Diamond Celebration Dinner

Top 5 Caesars Rewards Diamond Celebration Dinner Locations

While $100 doesn’t always go a long way in Las Vegas, there are definitely a ton of great options when it comes to using your Caesars Rewards Diamond celebration dinner credit. Let’s take a look at the top 5 as rated by TripAdvisor.

5. Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen – Caesars Palace

If you love the TV show then this is the place for you. It looks like from the reviews they have been having issues as of late with service and quality. Maybe it is living on previous popularity.

4. Gordon Ramsay Burger – Planet Hollywood

The only non fine dining option to make the list. If you like fancy burgers then you found your spot!

3. Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse – Harrah’s

Ruth’s Chris isn’t the most exciting option since they are located anywhere. But if it is one of your favorite chains at least you can get it free, or at a discount.

2. Nobu Restaurant & Lounge – Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace double dips on the Nobu name having both the Nobu Hotel as well as this top rated restaurant. Nobu has a number of locations scattered across the US and the rest of the world and a stellar reputation. It is a Japanese Fusion restaurant and a great place to use up your $100 certificate.

1. Restaurant Guy Savoy – Caesars Palace

Coming in at #1 on our list and #22 in all of Vegas (according to TripAdvisor) is French inspired Restaurant Guy Savoy.  Be warned that your $100 may not go too far but it can make a nice dent in the bill.

Caesars Diamond Celebration Dinner

Special Considerations

Vanderpump Cocktail Garden – Caesars Palace

One of the hot new locations in Vegas is Lisa Vanderpump’s cocktail garden. The reality TV show star has brought her LA restaurant experience to Las Vegas.  I have walked by the cocktail garden but have not been able to go in when it was open.  It looks really nice and may be a great spot to burn your $100 certificate on drinks and appetizers with friends.

Amalfi by Bobby Flay – Caesars Palace

Bobby Flay’s old Vegas flagship restaurant, Mesa, was a mainstay at #2 on this list. He closed it last year and launched Amalfi which is still fairly newer. It doesn’t seem to be as well received as Mesa was but maybe it makes the list next year.

Bacchanal Buffet – Caesars Palace

A great option for anyone who loves buffets is Bacchanal. It is the highest rated buffet option in the Caesars portfolio. They even made some improvements and revamped the menu while it was closed during the pandemic.

Bugsy & Meyer’s Steakhouse – Flamingo

I have only walked by this place but it looks pretty awesome inside. I have heard good things although the reviews are not great on Trip Advisor. It is still newer and I plan on checking it out on one of my future trips.

Caesars Rewards Diamond Celebration Dinner Locations

Not every Caesars Entertainment restaurant is eligible for the Diamond Celebration dinner, however there really are a ton of options. Here is the up to date list of all participating locations (click here for the current PDF):

This is the sheet they are handing out as of 2/21/22 but Martorano’s and Rao’s are no longer open and Oyster Bar is rumored to be closing soon.

Other Caesars Diamond Status Perks

Outside of the Diamond celebration dinner here are some other valuable perks of Caesars Rewards Diamond status:

Best Diamond Celebration Dinner Options: Final Thoughts

While Caesars Rewards doesn’t offer its players as much value as they used to, the free show and Diamond celebration dinner are still two great perks of the program. Hopefully this list will help to make your decision easier on your next trip to Vegas.

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Mark Ostermann
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  1. I am wondering if we can use it towards Vanderpump’s in the Paris? Seems like it. I wish they made the list more readily available. Even asked my host and he said get a list when you check in. I want to plan and reserve.

  2. How did you get your $100 credit ? Through a credit card? And also, how did you do it in Vegas? Did you just show the restaurant your ID and platinum card or did you have to go to the desk to get some kind of voucher ??

  3. I have seen other websites claim in the last couple of days that Caesars is ending the Diamond Celebration dinner for those who are status matching. It will only be available going forward for those who earn it via tier credits. I have just recently been granted Diamond status via the Wyndam Business Card and was hoping to use the celebration dinner when I go out to Vegas in April. Can anyone confirm or deny these rumors?

  4. Just made diamond through the founders card this year. Does that mean next year when I re-match it I’ll receive the Celebration Dinner credit or am I eligible for one this year? Going again in June so just planning ahead. Thank you.

  5. Hi, I don’t see anyone mention this but has been lots of data points that now they require diamond member to have at least earned 100 tier credits to claim $100 dinning credit, anyone has run into this?

    • I think that is if you are matching to Caesars Diamond from another casino program. You need to earn 100 tier credits to unlock it.

        • I’ve been Diamond from Wyndham matching for 3+ years. This year I’ve done the online match 3 times, and still am at Gold. So not sure what’s going on. I’m MGM Gold so could match when in Vegas, but I’d prefer to reserve my room before arriving.

        • I am in the same boat. I have done it multiple times and contacted Caesars Rewards online help desk. They said I would be matched and that they have had all sorts of “issues” with the matching process this year. I just got a response again from them today and while they are aware of it, the answer was “unknown” as to when the final match would go into effect.

      • You can’t use for “take out”, but you can take leftovers, so simply order, take a bite and ask for a box to take leftovers. What we’ve also done is tell our waiter what we were planning on doing, because it’s within the rules and he just ended up boxing it to go to avoid the additional work and steps for him.

  6. Brand new Diamond from Wyndham status match here. All comments seem to be about Las Vegas. Is the dinner available at any Caesar’s property (e.g., Harrah’s New Orleans)?

  7. I think its strange that its not viewable on our accounts as well as a few other benefits ! Are they hoping we forget we have it ? Are we allowed to use this at a Ruth Christ or other chain type restaurant outside of the casino or does it have to be on casino propert ?

    • It has to be one of the restaurants on property. There is a Ruth Chris in Vegas that is on property. But the restaurant has to be a part of one of the casinos.

  8. Did you successfully use your credit at the Hash House A Go Go @ The Linq? I only see The Rio location on the Diamond list but would prefer to go to the Linq if it will work…

  9. My wife and I have tried both Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen and BLT Steak in Bally’s last year. Both were great! Looking forward to trying somewhere new this year.

  10. Mark, Last summer in Vegas I tried in person at MGM rewards desk to status match to gold but could not. I have pearl status. They told me they don’t do it anymore. My husband called MGM last November to try To status match over the phone but told him they don’t do it anymore either.
    Any suggestions to get gold status?

  11. I used mine at BLT steak. It was amazing. Interestingly, my bill was $95 and the voucher covered the entire bill. There was no sales tax on the free meal (although I couldn’t use the remaining $5 towards the tip). They did let me charge the tip to my room.

    • It is nice that the tax comes off when using them – like getting a little bonus. I have not tried BLT Steak yet but heard good things.

        • Awesome – I was at burger brasserie a few years back and they had like a Diamond seating section and brought us mini milkshakes and stuff for free. Kinda cool – I like when places add the little touches.

    • I thought that BLT Steak was a hidden gem. We ate there only because we had tickets to the Miss Behave Game Show (also great) and want to eat somewhere close inside Bally’s. I haven’t heard too many people use their Diamond Celebration Dinner at BLT Steak, but I am happy that we gave it a chance.

  12. Can i use the voucher (@Bacchanal), bring 2 guests and pay the difference? So $59.99 x3 = $179.99 -$100 voucher > out of pocket cost come out to $79.99?

  13. A group of us all Diamonds plan on going to Ruth Chris to use or celebration dinner credit. Is there any problem using 3 or 4 celebrations at the same time at the same table?

    • Nope – just used two at the same time a few weeks ago. Just make sure you go over the $3-$400 total otherwise you lose it.

  14. Hi is it true that we still need to wait a week to use the $100 dining voucher? We will only be there for 4 days!

    • I have heard that here and there – that it takes a week to show up in your account after earning. That hasn’t been my experience in the past but I am not sure if that is the case now or not.

  15. Is it possible to use two $100 credit in the same dinner? I’m going with a friend and booth will have the diamond status.

  16. caesars bachannal buffet is a worth mention. $100 will cover dinner for 2 plus skip the line with diamond status. special bonus with status is plate of king crab legs (not avail at reg buffet) and 1 alcoholic beverage per person.

  17. Great question. It’s a “Use it all or lose it” situation. So make sure to pick a place where you can eat $100 worth of food (although you MIGHT be able to use it on drinks, as well, check with you server). A positive expectation value would be to take a friend, buy his/her meal, then ask for reimbursement of his/her meal (or some percentage of reimbursement if you didn’t want to ask for 100% of reimbursement).

    Point is, plan on hitting the $100 mark when you spend it.

    • Great suggestion Tony. I have taken a friend with me and told them they have to cover the tip and I will cover the dinner 🙂

    • All at once. I wish they would just issue $100 in comps to your account so you could use it however you like but that isn’t the case.

  18. I had a similar experience. I went to Planet Hollywood but they refused to do anything. Then I went to Paris, and the staff there were nice enough to do a “replacement” for me, which gave me the voucher.

  19. Do you earn the $100 celebration dinner the moment you are grated Diamond status? Or is it after being Diamond for one year? I was Platinum but upgraded to Diamond thru Founders Card.

  20. @TJ

    It is once a year. You go to the TR desk to pick it up. Note that once they print it out you can’t get another if you misplace it, so I usually wait until the day I want to redeem it to pick it up.

  21. Thanks for the list – I like Mesa Grill when it was at Atlantis. So you get a $100 certificate for dinner each month like the tickets? How/Where do you actually get the cert? I just matched to Diamond a couple weeks ago.

      • TJ, I went out to Vegas over Christmas (2018) and used my Diamond credit. At this time, the new process is to simply let your server know at the end of the meal that you’ve a $100 Diamond credit and would like to apply it to your bill. But as a heads-up, not all restaurants within the Caesars Entertainment family accept the $100 Diamond dining credit. I think it’s well worth the 2-minutes wait in line at a Total Rewards desk to ask to view the list of restaurants that will accept said dining credit.

    • It is a yearly benefit that you get once you reach Diamond status and it is usually good until the end of January of the following year I believe. Since you just reached Diamond you can have them print it at the TR desk when you are at the casino you want to use it at. Once it is printed it can’t be printed again so it is best to wait until you are about to use it.


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