Caesars Rewards Making Changes To Diamond Status For 2020

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Caesars Rewards Diamond Status Changes

Caesars Rewards Diamond Status Changes Coming In 2020

Caesars Rewards, formerly Total Rewards, has been all over the place with their popular Diamond status level over the past few years.  First they installed the 25K Diamond Lounge access rule. You needed to earn 25,000 tier credits to enter lounges free or you had to pay 1,000 rewards credits, worth $10, per person.  Then they took away the aspiration levels from Diamond status.  There is a big gap between earning Diamond and earning 7 Stars and their used to be bonuses you could earn along the way but they removed those.  It looks like Caesars Rewards Diamond status changes are coming again in 2020. But this time they are giving a little back instead of taking more away.

Caesars Rewards Diamond Status Changes

How To Earn Caesars Rewards Diamond Status

Before getting into the Caesars Rewards Diamond status changes for 2020 we should first discuss the different ways to earn it.  There is gambling a ton of course and earning 15,000 tier credits in a year but that is boring and expensive.  We like the easy route not the hard route! There are two ways to earn Diamond status that do not require you to gamble:

  • Founders Card – a pay membership that comes with a lot of perks including Caesars Diamond status.
  • Status matching from Wyndham Rewards – there are a lot of ways to skin this cat since Wyndham has a generous status match offer itself. You can status match top tier status, like Hilton Diamond from the Aspire card, to Wyndham Diamond.  You then match Wyndham Diamond to Caesars Rewards Diamond.

What Does Caesars Rewards Diamond Get You?

So after you do all of this matching what does Caesars Rewards Diamond actually get you? Quite a bit when you visit a Caesars Rewards casino:

Caesars Rewards Diamond Status Changes

Caesars Rewards Diamond Status Changes Happening in 2020

There are a few changes coming to Diamond status and they are actually positive.  I was surprised when Caesars Rewards decided to eliminate Aspirations Level 1 & 2.  It made it so there was no incentive for people to earn more than 25,000 tier credits unless you were going all the way to Seven Stars status.  I found myself falling in those levels a few years in a row and pretty much gave up gambling with Caesars after the change since there wasn’t a lot of value in it for me.  I am guessing others felt the same way since they are bringing them back….kind of.

Diamond Plus

This is nothing new really. It is for anyone who earns over 25,000 tier credits in a year. They gain entry in the Laurel Lounges (Diamond Lounges) for free.  This is how it has been for a few years but now you will get a card denoting this fact.  I am guessing this makes it easier for the staff to identify members with free access otherwise this is nothing new.

Diamond Elite

Members that reach 75,000 tier credits (essentially previous Aspirations 2 level) will get the following:

  • $600 airfare credit to Las Vegas

Yup, that is it…

Final Thoughts

If I am being honest this is pretty pathetic on Caesars Rewards part.  Adding a few tiers but adding almost no value…what is the point?  Sure anyone who earns Seven Stars every year will appreciate picking up $600 in flights along the way but it isn’t worth actively pursuing.  Once again getting to 25,000 tier credits is about the only thing worthwhile and that is only if you frequent Laurel Lounges.

I still think there is value in Caesars Diamond status and because it is so easy to earn outside of gambling it is worth it. Turning the status into a free weekend in Atlantic City doesn’t hurt either.

But for the true gamblers out there the program is nowhere near what it once was.  I still think Caesars gives the best comps and rewards credits on the strip compared to play. But their properties are worn  (they even recently sold one, sort of) and I look at that as a way to make up for it versus actually adding value.

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Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann is a father, husband and miles/points fanatic. He left the corporate world after starting a family in order to be a stay at home dad. Mark is constantly looking at ways to save money and stay within budget while also taking awesome vacations with his family. When he isn't caring for his family or taking a weekend trip, Mark is working towards his goal of visiting every Major League Baseball ballpark.

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    • I don’t see it on their website anymore so it looks like that could be the case. I think they would still do it if they can for Diamond members but it would be based on their generosity now I guess.

  1. Have the priority lines at restaurants, casino cages, etc. changed, separating each level of Diamond status or have they remained general “Diamond” lines?

    • If you already matched back to Caesars it should say on your account when it expires. I would guess if you didn’t have status with them already from last year it would go till 1/31/21 but I am not sure on that.

  2. We find the Ceasars Atlantic City casinos are woefully inadequate in their table play offers.My other half reached 85,000 tier credits last yr playing mostly baccarat [ & majority of credits from table play – rather than tier bonuses or multipliers ] yet she routinely receives a $20 table play ,some $10 & an occasional $25 offer on 1 or 2 Fridays a month.Her same play at other casinos earn her $100 – $250 table offers multiple times monthly.

  3. Does the Founders Card 3 month complimentary membership include Diamond Status? I’m going to LV next month and would like to take advantage of the 3 complimentary months for Founders before paying the membership fee, but not sure if it will allow the Diamond status upgrade during the complimentary period. Website states that “some benefits not available during complimentary membership” but doesn’t specify which ones. If it isn’t included, I’ll wait and join after this trip to extend my membership time.

    • As long as the partnership stays in tact it should be possible to do it again. Caesars status runs till Jan 31 so you can match that to Wyndham Jan 1 and then that back to Caesars on Feb 1.

  4. Doesn’t Wyndham status match end 12/31/19? Or does it exit as long as you have Wyndham status? If it ends, that leaves only Founder’s card or gambling.

    • Caesars status runs till Jan 31 so you can match that to Wyndham Jan 1 and then that back to Caesars on Feb 1. That is assuming the partnership stays intact.

    • @Mike H – technically, no not as a rule – but if you are a Diamond member and Caesars has lower occupancy, they will give you a late check out. Check with the front desk or the casino host.

      • Also Mike if you happen to be getting comped the room just book for that extra day – at least that is what I normally do.


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