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Capital One Settles Lawsuit for $190M, File Claim Now If Eligible (Extended)

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Capital One Settles Lawsuit for $190M

Capital One Settles Lawsuit for $190M

Capital One has agreed to pay $190 million to settle a lawsuit that was filed after a 2019 data breach. The company hasn’t admitted any wrongdoing as a part of the settlement.

UPDATE 9/1/22: The enrollment was supposed to end August 22nd but it has been extended until September 30th.

This settlement will affect around 98 million Capital One customers whose personal  information was compromised.

In July 2019, Capital One informed its customers that millions of them had their information stolen. The hacker was an Amazon Web Services employee who was later arrested by the FBI.

The lawsuit alleges that Capital One failed to take “reasonable care” to secure information belonging to its customers. The compromised information dated back as far as 2005. The information stolen included full names, physical addresses with full ZIP and postal codes, phone numbers, email addresses, social security numbers, dates of birth, credit scores and self-reported income. Some of this was information that is normally required for credit card applications.

According to the plaintiffs, their information would have been secured and protected if Capital One took reasonable cybersecurity measures.

Under the terms of the settlement, class members can collect a cash payment for out-of-pocket expenses (up to $25,000) and lost time (up to 15 hours of lost time at a rate of at least $25 per hour). Eligible customers need to provide detailed documentation including bank statements, invoices, and receipts.

The settlement also provides three years of identity defense services through Pango. These services provide dark web monitoring, identity monitoring, lost wallet protection, security freeze capabilities, $1 million in insurance, and other benefits.

Submit Your Claim Here

Claims must be submitted online or mailed by September 30, 2022. You can submit your claim here.

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  1. Sorry my name is Miguel you know that happen to me 2 I was checking my credit report and I find something in my report that somebody use my name and they bought something with and I don’t have a card i apply for it but they said they waiting for my ctedit report and never got back to me

  2. Wow this just happen to me as of recently I been with them since 2018 definitely this is still going on which make me think it’s a inside job. There weren’t force to admit wrong doing?? You got to be kidding me. I’m filing

  3. I’ve been a customer with capital one since 2015 with my car loan (paid off as of June ’21 ) and credit card. 2019 I got my Amazon account hacked into and someone tried to purchase over $2,200 dollars worth of fitness equipment from my account. I’ve had Amazon for some years before it was as booming as it was now and never had an issue with it. The hacker sent himself a fitness ebook that was charged to my card for $60 and had his email address saying I gifted it to him when I didn’t. I contacted Amazon and my bank about it and was able to reset my password and they (Amazon/Bank) got together to get everything handled for me as well as me filing a IC3 complaint for web fraud. How can I file a claim and where can I send my documents to? I still have the emails, bank statements, fraud department info and the FBI IC3 complaint submission.

  4. Mark Ostermann and all that want a link pasted here. Read this again there SUMMIT YOUR CLAIM here and another link to click. It not that hard to follow what you must do.

  5. What documents are needed for a claim. I was a card holder in 2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010,
    but not currently.

  6. I have 68Cards in My Name. A card for a Checking account came too my house and this is how I found out as omeone was using my name.

  7. I think I have all of you beat. They sent me a checking account and I don’t have one with they. Turn I had 65 account with them. This is so outrageous.

  8. Yes someone was buying so much stuff that now I’m getting screwed with SS benefits I receive. I definitely know my SS was being used because it they’re telling me I’m working and or that I’ve worked out of state. It’s crazy. Capital One isn’t responsible

  9. Someone used my capital one for casino games online and Amazon. I also had two vehicles through capital one. I was over my credit card limit and it will affect your credit score.

  10. Capital one mess up my profile alone with my daughter, I cannot transfer money between my account. I’ve been trying to get my account fix for over a year and still not even close. I even submitted the required paperwork and nothing went to the bank and is still not fix, Capital one mess up my daughter’s social security number. I consulted and attorney about sue the bank. Under my profile I’m under 18 years old, I really want to sue them so bad. The customer service over the phone is terrible. I really hope somebody takes me seriously.

    • My SS card was stolen and someone stoled it from me
      It’s been gone for a while three years.. not thinking about it. Just thou it was in ourseght. Well they did a job on my credit . So I applied for capital one. Not knowing my credit was in a freeze tried to call you and to let you know. But I got no response nice customer service.
      Disappointed customer
      Kimberly Hussman

    • Who are you my name is Bonita Jones why are you pretending to be me what is your mother’s maiden name

  11. Barbara Holloway
    My identity was stolen in March 2020 . I immediately filed a police report along with putting a freeze on my credit file with all 3 credit agency. I also contacted the company and let them know that it wasn’t me the bill $1125.00 give or take. I have been disputing the bill when I noticed it on my credit report back in 2020. My data was breach for that reason, along with my ss# and email found on the dark web. It wouldn’t have been there if it wasn’t for the data breach. So how do I get it removed from my credit report all 3 agencies please help they have to be held accountable for their actions.

  12. They sent out an application with my name and someone else got it and got a card in my name. They came after me for the money and tried to garnish my checks, but lost because they didn’t have my social security number. I had to pay a lawyer as much to fight it. I’d love to get my money back. The court case was popping up on my background checks making me look bad without merit. Defiantly contact me!

    • Same here capitol one issued credit card to two people under my name &ss with out my consent ,Now they say I’m responsible, I’m ready to go to if necessary to get this off me!!!.

  13. I called Capital One when $700+ Food Truck charges were made on my account. At the same time there were charges for three Coca Colas in three states were basically made at the same time on my card which I had in my wallet. C O Fraud department notified me via text or email. I called CO Fraud who closed the account and removed the charges from my card. Now, every charge on my account produces and email or text on my phone. I can stop fraud charges before they get out of control.

  14. I dont know if this counts but I have a third party credit bearau that just popped up on my credit report last week on 22 May and do not know where it came from and I had a credit freeze on my report for over a year now since April 2021.

  15. I have 3 capital one cards and during the timeframe mentioned I had a numerous amount of fraudulent credit issues. I thought my computer was hacked! Now I know what was going on!

    • Same issue here. I don’t check my credit score very often but just recently I did and there’s credit cards on there that are not mines. I have two cards with this company that are active and have been for a few years now. Not only have I had accounts opened in my name that are not mines nor did I authorize anybody to put in my name. Yet after going through my credit report I have so many inquiries for credit card applications that I never applied for. I thought I was hacked as well for quite some time because odd occurrences kept and keep happening, such as someone trying to log into my email account or being on a website that is of financial importance then out of nowhere my screen starts going cuckoo. Thankfully I have a two-step authorization set in place where I get sent a text message when another device is trying to log into that specific email the very same email address that is linked to my credit cards go figure. After doing a deep dive into my credit report just recently I have found out that my main email address the one mentioned above has been found on the blackweb or dark web along with my phone number the email was sent from the very same company that they are presenting to give us consumers as a extra layer of precaution due to the most recent screw up. Another issue that is horribly terrifying, one in which I’m not sure how I’m going to get out of is, I’m not able to access one out of the three credit reports that we are given. The reason I cannot view it, or access it, is because I can’t answer the security and background questions to verify my own identity I’m only prompted these four options in which to choose in order prove my identity, which are as to where my house is located,? which street it’s my house on?, which mortgage company did I get a loan from for my house? and what year did I purchase my home? . I’m over here living in a two-bedroom apartment as a single mother with three children trust and believe I would love to own my own home and
      will strive to provide that for my children sooner than later. Hence the inquiries into my credit report. It’s always okay for the big companies to mess up and throw us some hush money to literally keep our mouths closed about the situation but Lord forbid we are one day late on our payment us customer’s receive a phone call very quickly with a very persistent representative many of whom I could surely compare to having shark like attitudes in pursuit to collect payment for Capital One. I hope we all get paid a decent amount from this company, our privacy is very important! as well our time is extremely important! It’s going to take me a very long time to investigate this on my own and to dispute it with the credit bureaus all three of them. I know it’s going to be time consuming not to mention a complete headache so I can only hope and pray we’re fairly compensated for Capital one’s negligence in regards to our privacy. Anyone who has legal experience or faced a similar situation and found solutions, if you’d like to help me figure out who owns a home in my name I’d love to hear any advice and feedback. I’ve dug around a bit and I’m pretty sure my mystery house is located in Florida so I narrowed a state down at least thus far.

      • Unfortunately, until Anarchy.. TRUE ANARCHY, not the bs that is flung about to sully the meaning…true anarchy is simply evicting all interaction be it business or personal concerning any entities. Until anarchy is put in rule by all people stop being divided by those in rule now, until that moment, no real justice will ever be.

  16. I’ve had numerous messages from my credit report about packages from Amazon that I’ve never ordered anything from causing my credit to drop several times

  17. My capital one card was used 2x fraudulently. I caught it both times. This is one through Walmart. Id receive emails confirming my order. Im not sure what did not happen after the first time that it was done like a month or so later. I got another card but afraid to register it now.

  18. They fill up my mail box with their junk offers. They shouldn’t have my address and name either. I am going to file for $25,000 on this basis

  19. Someone stole my wallet doing a hospital stay use my credit cards I was not knowledgeable of it just had surgery but when I was released got home and received the bills that have been several charges made I’m unable to pay the bills been trying to contest them for 2 years now now I’m in consolidation because I can’t afford to pay the bills.

  20. My information had been comprised, had been charged four times which i never purchased, changed credit cards number twice due to data branch.

  21. I had a Capitol one card back in 2001 they claim. I paid 2,000 or more get it off my credit l will file my claim.

  22. I had a card used with my information being used that was not in my possession but I was being charged

  23. I’ve had my Capital One credit card for over 29 years, I use Credit wise to keep up with my credit report, my credit score has gone down by 80 points, there were two accounts opened in my name without me knowing, I called to ask how this happened now I see why, apparently my Information was shared and someone is using my name and Information to open accounts. Please let me know what I can do to close the accounts and get this settled.

    • Get a lawyer. Kurtz man, Carson and Consultants. KCC got me money back from a WellsFargo Class Action Lawsuit.

  24. I had a capital one card yesterday ago and had insurance on my card I got sick had surgery so I wasn’t working please tell me if I am eligible for anything.

  25. I stopped using my CAPITAL ONE credit last year when I noted unusual and more than average other charges NOT EXPECTED. This card did not meet my expectations.

  26. I made a purchase about two years ago, with my capital one card @ amazon. My card had additional charges.

  27. I’ll have to pay 300 Dollar I’ll did not sign for the card I’ll did not know it was going to cost that much

  28. Can I file a claim on Capital One, I am paying on a credit can that closed be I received it the amount on the is $300.00 and I have not even use the card. I am still trying to understand why am I paying on a card that I am unable to use. I have talked will three different people on the subject of why do I have to pay them $300.00 + interest that on a card I could not used. Now the amount is over $300.00 dollars maybe there is something I’m missing the money that’s on the card Capital One still have that money it never left their bank and now they wants pay the money that’s on the card which means they will get $600.00 dollars plus interest nobody at Capitol One could answer that question for me they tells me I still have to pay off the credit card.

    • They did this to me many years ago. Most likely they sent you a scam advertisement claiming you was preapproved, when in fact you was not. You returned the application, got denied for a credit card, but they opened an account in your name and charged you a $75.00 application fee or similar. Since they denied you a credit card they do not send you a monthly statement informing you that you have an open account and you owe them $75.00. Had you been approved this $75.00 fee would have shown on your first statement. Finally after months of non payments, all the late payment fees finally add up enough to reach the minimum amount of credit they offer which is $300. In some cases they add the $75.00 fee to the $300.00 in late fees, now your account is $375, they add on a over the limit fee and a final late payment fee to the $375, so now you owe them $450 and they close your account for non payment with a balance of $450 that you never knew about. They then report this to the credit score companies so as to keep your score low for many years. They never claim it as a charge off or non paid debt so its never removed from your credit until you pay them. They have multiple versions of this scam that they use thats similar to what i described here. They did this to me in 2016 or 2018. When I requested for them to verify the debit was mine in 2021, they sent me a statement from when they closed the account and the only charge on the account was the $75.00 application fee. I ended up having to pay them over $400 on a credit card that I never was approved for or owned because of this fee, so they would stop reporting it as a unpaid late account against my credit score. Welcome to America where the rich get richer off the backs of the working class and the working class stay poor.

  29. I don’t have a Capitol One card,but aim been charged for something I don’t have I have disputed it several times Stull on my credit.

  30. I’m curious if I can file damages my email address was compromised and appears on my credit report as being part of a data breach. Curious if I can file.

  31. I made a purchase 15 months ago with my capital one card at Amazon. My card had additional charges that were never disputed. The amount was under 100 dollars.


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