Mastercard Could Pay Billions After Class Action Court Ruling

Mastercard could end up paying $18.6 billion for a U.K. class action lawsuit after losing another battle at the country’s highest court over illegal swipe fees.

Roundup Settlement, Check If You Are Eligible for Payout of $53 or More

If you have used Roundup Weed & Grass Killer products in the past, you could be owed a portion of the $39,550,000 settlement.

Apple Will Pay Another $113M Over iPhones Throttling and Battery Issues

Back in 2017, Apple was throttling the speed of older iPhones. The company explained that it was just trying to help customers with their phones' aging batteries.

Walmart Settlement for Overpriced Packaged Goods. Check If You’re Eligible

The lawsuit claims that at times, some products were improperly labeled “Weighted Goods” when Walmart reduced the price of those goods as they neared their expiration dates.

Expedia Hit with Lawsuit for Refusing Refunds During Pandemic

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Expedia in California, claiming that the travel booking services has denied refunds for flights cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Checkers Data Breach Settlement, Get Vouchers or Up to $5K for Incurred Expenses

If you have visited a Checkers or Rally’s in recent years you could be part of a settlement that will get you a $5 voucher or an even larger payout if you incurred any expenses due to a their data breach.

Wyndham Timeshare Lawsuit Alleges Deceiving and Aggressive Sales Tactics

Wyndham timeshare owners have filed a class action lawsuit against the company, accusing it of lying to customers about benefits and subjecting them to aggressive marketing tactics to get them to purchase useless points.

$9.75M Apple Settlement for Defective Powerbeats Earbuds, Check Eligibility

If you have purchase Powerbeats 2 earbuds before August 7th, you could soon get a payout because the device is allegedly “defective.” Apple has agreed to pay out $9.75 million for this Powerbeats settlement.