How To Board Early: Understanding United Boarding Groups

Wondering how to board early on your United flight? We break down the United boarding groups and how to move up in the line for priority boarding access.

United Back $5 Billion Loan with MileagePlus Program Valued at $22B

A $5 billion private loan was secured against the MileagePlus frequent flyer program. In the report, United also shared some more data about the program and the cost of miles.

Flying During Covid-19: Was It As Eerie As Everyone Says? Here Is My Experience

This week I flew for the first time in 3 months. It was nice to take to the sky again, even for a short trip. Here's my experience flying during COVID-19:

Paying Annual Fees with United Miles Could Now Be A Good Idea

If you have United miles in your account and are not yet planning any travel, you can make use of those miles to pay your annual fees.

United Removes Star Alliance Partner Award Chart

United got rid of its own award charts on November 15th last year. Back then, the airline hinted that partner awards would not be affected. Bot now the partner award chart is gone, which means dynamic pricing.

United Decimates Partner Airline Flight Premier Status Credit

One bright spot of the new 2020 United Premier program was earning elite status on partners. But this is no more with the new United maximum partner PQPs.

United Extends Status, Makes it Easier to Earn in 2021 and More

In a press release published Sunday, United said it is extending status for those who have it, making it easier to earn it going forward and extending upgrades and subscriptions.

United No Longer Charges Redeposit Fees for Canceled Award Flights

Now United Airlines is finally backing down, and doing what would normally be just common sense when it comes to cancelled flights that were booked with miles.