Monday Morning Miles Talk

Monday Morning Miles Talk

Every week Senior Editor Mark Ostermann brings you tips, tricks and lessons learned on his endless pursuit to earn as many miles/points as possible!

Monday Morning Miles Talk

The 3 Travel Tools I Use Most Often When Booking Vacations

There are a ton of time saving tools out there but there are 3 travel tools that I use most often. Share your favorites in the comments section.
Monday Morning Miles Talk

How Miles & Points Helped Me With An Everyday Problem

We love using miles and points to save money for travel but how about when it helps us save money in our everyday lives? I just had one such case.
Monday Morning Miles Talk

Hack to Avoid Fandango’s Booking Fee – Should Work for Sinemia Users Too

I am not sure if it is a promo or an error but I show you how to avoid Fandango's booking fee. This trick should work for Sinemia subscribers too.
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Is Travel Hacking A Hobby Or An Addiction?

Some of the things I have witnessed and done in this hobby leads me to ask is travel hacking a hobby or an addiction?

Why I Am Considering Changing ALL My Credit Card Due Dates

Life is complicated, no doubt about it! In an effort to make my life simpler I am considering changing my credit card due dates.
Pluses and Minuses of Renting a Car Through Capital One Travel

MMMT: 6 Reasons Why I Avoid Rental Cars Like The Plague

I mean it is supposed to be vacation...why wouldn't I avoid rental cars like the plague?

4 Reasons Why I Kind of Loathe All Inclusive Vacations

All inclusive vacations used to be my favorite type of vacation, not anymore, now I pretty much avoid them. I give you 4 reasons why that is.

Are Staycations Grossly Overlooked in This Hobby? I’ll Give You 5 Reasons Why They...

Why don't staycations get much love in the blogosphere? I give you 5 reasons why it is still one of my favorite, if not favorite, types of vacation.