As Depression Sets In, My Thoughts On How We Power Through This

We are living in a whole new world and the adjustment has been tough. As depression sets in I share my thoughts on how we power through this.

Should We Cash In Our Chips (Points) Because Of Covid-19?

With travel coming to a standstill some are left wondering should we cash in our points? Should we take advantage of other opportunities with them?

Our Responsibility: How We Are Changing Our Coverage of Deals Due to Coronavirus

How we are trying to be responsible in our coverage of travel and deals due to Coronavirus. What we plan to cut back on and which types of posts we plan to have more of for your enjoyment.

So Much Has Changed In The Last 24 Hours – Where Do We Go...

With so many changes happening in the last 24 hours many people are asking what does the future hold and where do we go from here?

Opinion: My Biggest Fear With The Coronavirus Is Not The Virus At All, But...

My biggest fear with the coronavirus is not the virus itself but instead the fear that it is causing. That fear can be even more destructive than the virus.

Diamond Status Is Coming To MtM! Join Our Private & Intimate Travel Group

We are launching a new private and intimate community of MtM readers and listeners looking for something a little more advanced! Find out how to earn MtM Diamond status and all of the perks that will get you.

Was This The Worst Promotion / Business Idea Of All Time?

I still am dumbfounded by the Sakura debit card business plan and launch promotion. I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth but I couldn't help it.

Our Favorite Posts of 2019 – Illegal United Ticket, Maxing the Excursionist Perk, Arby’s...

We each share our favorite posts of 2019. These are posts that meant to most to us or that we were most proud of writing.