Why You Shouldn’t Use Our (Or Anyone’s) Amex Platinum Links

I wanted to put out a little PSA why you shouldn't use our or anyone's Amex Platinum links and our promise to you, the reader.

Amex Platinum Cardholders Can Get MtM Diamond “Free” Till June With PayPal Credit

With the new PayPal credit for Amex Platinum cardholders it is possible to get MtM Diamond "free" until the end of June.

(Rant Alert) What Is With People Complaining About Hotel Reviews? Enough Already

Why are people complaining about hotel reviews so much these days? It doesn't matter if it is good or bad they want to complain.

Join Shawn & Mark At The (Virtual) Chicago Seminars – Only $11!

If you are looking for something fun to do this weekend while learning some good info then check out the (virtual) Chicago Seminars.

The Best Financial Advice My Parents Ever Gave Me: Sharing Their Mistakes

The best financial advice I ever received from my parents wasn't actually advice at all, but rather their willingness to be open with me about everything.

Forget About Travel Shaming, Mask Shaming Is Here & It. Is. Ugly. My...

I think travel shaming is slowly losing its momentum but that mask shaming is here to stay for a while. I share our ugly recent encounter with mask shaming.

When We Get To Travel Again Leave Your Entitlement At The Boarding Door

Whenvever we get to return to travel I encourage you to leave your entitlement at the boarding door, it is something I hope to do myself.

Thoughts on Current Events & Why We Didn’t Record the Podcast This Week

Thoughts on the world's current events and why we didn't record a podcast this week.