Editor Notes

Editor Notes

Notes and site information direct from the editor.

Miles to Memories Passes Two Major Milestones – Thanks To All Of You!

We wanted to celebrate some milestones we hit on the Miles to Memories YouTube channel. Milestones we hit thanks to all of you!

Is Alila Ventana Big Sur Becoming The New Maldives?

Is Alila Ventana Big Sur Becoming The New Maldives? Have we fallen victim to more group think and the aura phenomenon once again?

Covid Trapped, Living In A House Surrounded By Illness

I am currently covid trapped, isolated and alone in my own house. It is a strange sensation, one I didn't expect at all.

News Flash, Loyalty Programs Don’t Care About You Or Your Loyalty

In case you haven't seen the memo, loyalty programs don't care about you. They only care about their biggest customer, the banks!

4 Years At Miles to Memories: It Has Been An Amazing & Wild Ride

I reflect on my last 4 years at Miles to Memories and how I have enjoyed getting to know all of you in this community.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Our (Or Anyone’s) Amex Platinum Links

I wanted to put out a little PSA why you shouldn't use our or anyone's Amex Platinum links and our promise to you, the reader.

Amex Platinum Cardholders Can Get MtM Diamond “Free” Till June With PayPal Credit

With the new PayPal credit for Amex Platinum cardholders it is possible to get MtM Diamond "free" until the end of June.

(Rant Alert) What Is With People Complaining About Hotel Reviews? Enough Already

Why are people complaining about hotel reviews so much these days? It doesn't matter if it is good or bad they want to complain.