Las Vegas Tipping Standards, MGM’s New Filming Policy & Resorts World Announces An Expansion!

MGM has a new casino filming policy, Resorts World announces an expansion, how to tip properly on jackpots and a new boutique hotel with a quirk is open in Las Vegas.

Inside Wynn Las Vegas New Rooms, How Many Vegas Visitors Die & Resorts World’s...

What are the new renovated rooms like at Wynn Las Vegas, how many Vegas visitors die, a look at the new A's stadium renders and Resorts World is launching a new player's club.

MGM’s Vegas Land Purchase, A’s Make A Deal, Celine Returning & A New Carousel...

On this episode we discuss a $54 million land purchase by MGM on the Strip, how the A's now have a stadium deal in place, when Celine will return, Strat's backtrack and how to see a driver's POV of the F1 Vegas race.

Stranded in Memphis, JAL’s Coffin Suite & Japan Hotel Overload with Jasmine Coomer

On this episode Jasmine joins Shawn to discuss all of the crazy hotels and travel they have been experiencing in Japan plus getting stuck in Memphis and whether their first Category 8 Hyatt redemption was worth it.

7 Deadly Sins of Travel Hacking & Behind the Curtain of Freelancing with Lee...

On this episode of the MtM Podcast Lee Huffman from Bald Thoughts joins Shawn to talk about corporate content vs. blogs, freelancing in this space, the 7 deadly sins of travel hacking and why Tennessee is an amazing destination.

Vegas Hidden Restaurants & Speakeasies, Circus Circus Is Perfect Nostalgia & Excalibur Gets Rocks!

Find the many hidden speakeasies and restaurants in Las Vegas, find out why Circus Circus is perfect nostalgia, updates on what is replacing water at Strip resorts and why Wynn's pool may be the best for families in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Athletics INSANITY – New Stadium Site, Less Public Money & Goodbye to...

On this episode we deep dive into the insane news that the Athletics have shifted to yet another stadium site, likely meaning the end of one of the most historic casinos on the Las Vegas Strip.

Rakuten’s Big Week, Air New Zealand’s Skycouch and a New Southwest Perk

On this episode of the podcast we talk about big cashback this week with Rakuten, Southwest's long needed new perk, a very interesting way to fly to New Zealand, why Wynn Las Vegas is the best hotel on the Strip and some of the more interesting travel grievances people have.