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  1. Although it’s not as lucrative as the CSR on a per point basis, for 1.25 cents per point the ability to redeem for flights is a solid redemption just for the ability to pick times and dates for the exact flight you want. One additional factor is that you can generally get the annual fee waived every year through retentions calls every year. For the last 3 years I’ve gotten the annual fee waived with some type of spending credit(Spend $95 get $95 credit). However, with the CSR now in my wallet, this card seems kind of redundant so I’ll probably cancel it to reset the 24 month clock. I would expect the redemptions to change to 1 cent per point soon with the expectation they’ll probably raise the points earned to match the Prestige.

    • Good points Danny – it sounds like you have held the card for over 24 months so closing it would reset it. People have had luck signing up for a second account and getting the bonus and then closing their first card. That makes it so you don’t have to wait another 24 months right now since you have had it long enough already. You could do that or get one of the other TY cards before closing it. Just an idea.

  2. Thanks Mark…interesting thought! My Prestige is at two years, and the Premier will be there in Dec/Jan. Not sure I want a second Prestige, and definitely don’t want two Premiers…but another 50k bonus is enticing. Only other thought is Chase’s 5/24, and Freedom Unlimited as well as Ink Preferred. Anyway, as always, ymmv.

  3. This card has fallen into the sock drawer for the wife and I. The only category where it even pops into my head as a possibility is for like movie tickets or entertainment type things, but that was really more before I got the Amex Blue Business Plus. Now I can always reliably get 2x and there is no doubting whether or not the place I am charging will fall into the entertainment category. I don’t even put broadway tickets on this card anymore because the Prestige has an awesome missed ticket insurance that is easily worth twice as much as the extra point I would get charging to the premier for entertainment category bonus. Gas goes on my Everyday preferred which will give me 3x Amex points which I value more than 3x TY points. And travel 3x is inferior to my sapphire reserve 3x just bc of the value of the points. So I literally see zero value in this card anymore.

    • Same here…are you keeping it, and what are you thinking? If nothing else, I learned from a comment above to ask for a retention bonus while I find out what my options are with my points if I cancel. Cheers,

      • I think I am going to cancel my card, because I have the Prestige to keep my points alive, but my wife only has the Premier, so we’re kinda stuck carrying it so we keep her points until we use them. The other thing I was thinking was to get her a Prestige in January when the 24 month clock resets since her last thank you family bonus on the Premier was Jan 2016. Then I would cancel her premier right after that. The only thing that bugs me about that plan is the $450 annual fee, but I am thinking the sign up bonus will be worth it after accounting for the $250 travel credit. How about you?

        • My anniversary is in January. I plan to follow the situation and call them at anniversary to make sure I understand my options. Will keep the Prestige. Will likely have the Chase Sapphire Reserve by then (waiting to be under 5/24, and then maneuver thru Chase’s new rules too). If I don’t get a retention offer, I will likely cancel it. Cheers.

          • If it has been more than 24 months since you got the Prestige or Premier and they don’t give a retention offer it may be worth considering signing up again before canceling so you get another sign up bonus.

            I do find it weird that you can redeem Premier TY points towards hotels at 1.25 cents but not with the Prestige. Seems like that should be reversed.

  4. I got this for the sign up bonus almost two years ago. As Thank you points are only worth about of 1.25 cents (unless you can use the transfer partners regularly) I’m on the fence. Sapphire reserve + freedom/unlimited + an Amex really doesn’t make this worth the fee unless you have huge purchases in entertainment like @ND. However, I’ve kept mine bc Citi has given me a decent retention offer and I imagine they will continue to do so. Never hurts to have another currency…

  5. I know that people always give the Citi ThankYou Premier a lower rating because of the transfer partners but that merely reflects the FF programs that someone feels is important. I rarely or don’t want to fly on the Big 3 Domestic Airlines so CC transfer programs that have those airlines are of no value to me. But I do go to Asia a lot and have friends in Taiwan so I am in both the EVA and Singapore FF programs. Citi is the only CC with EVA as a transfer partner and it, as well as most programs, have Singapore. For me it works out perfectly to have the two FF programs that I belong to.

    I fly both EVA and Singapore depending on where in Asia I am going. Though both are great airlines I prefer EVA for almost everything other than going to some places in Southeast Asia that EVA does not go. I credit most of my flights to EVA’s program and the Citi CC miles are used to either transfer to EVA or Singapore depending on what I want to do.

    For me, I calculated that the best value for transferring miles is to transfer EVA so that I can upgrade from Premium Economy to Business. Transferring 70,000 miles saves me about $3,000…for a value of .0428 per mile. And when you consider that I only needed to spend $23,333.33 [x3 =70,000] in travel related charges to save $3,000….that is like a 12.85% rebate on my travel charges. For the way that I travel the Citi card is perfect. It is also why you need to take the rankings of benefits with a large grain of salt to consider what is important to you.

    • Good comment Franklin! Everyone’s valuation will be different depending on their uses/needs. This is definitely not a one size fits all type of game. I am glad you found a card and program that works well for you!

    • Hi Franklin. It was my impression that EVA InfinityMileagelands (or whatever lol) had steep prices for US to East Asia flights. I was very interested in EVA because Taiwan is a priority of mine, but I wasn’t able to find much value in my initial findings. Are you referring to intra-Asia travel, or do you have any advice for squeezing value out of EVA? I’m genuinely interested. Thank you.

  6. I’m in my first month with the card and love getting 3x points for gasoline and museums. I have the Reserve and that’s my favorite card so have to think about renewing the Premier next year.

  7. Have both Premier and Prestige. Considering dropping Premier. Is it true that the points would then go into a 60 day expiration mode? What do you recommend for someone who has no current use for the points? Any transfer partners where their miles don’t expire? Take cash (@$.01)? Book some travel on their website? Thx!

  8. The Citi Premier is a great card. Don’t underestimate the Entertainment spend bonus. One can get thousands of bonus points for charging baseball season tickets (mine are coded that way, YMMV). Travel (other vehicle services) can also get bonus points for car dealership work (YMMV too) like tuneups, oil changes.
    Car washes, parking garages, metro transit also can score bonus points. Great Asian airline travel transfer partners like Asia Miles and Eva too.


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