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Clear Has An Annoying Effect, Civil Unrest Strands Travelers In Machu Picchu & 10 Best Cities To Bring In The New Year

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Roundup: Articles From Around the Web

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Annoyed With Clear, the Company That Fast-Tracks Its Customers Through Airports? – Slate

If you wanna get a good chuckle today, here you go!

The 10 Best US Cities To Celebrate New Year’s – Travel Pulse

What is your favorite NYE destination?

American tourists stranded in Machu Picchu as deadly unrest sweeps Peru – NBC News

Your worst nightmare when traveling abroad for sure.


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Mark Ostermann
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  1. It’s important to note that there are actually four categories for TSA screening: 1) no TSA Pre-Check or Clear, 2) Clear only, 3) TSA Pre-Check only, and 4) Clear plus TSA Pre-Check.

    TSA screening has two components: ID/Boarding Pass verification and Security Screening ((Standard screening (take everything out for x-raying/shoes off) and TSA Pre-Check screening (No need to remove your shoes, laptops, liquids, belts and light jackets.)) Clear completes the ID/Boarding Pass verification process via Biometric screening (eyes or fingerprints) thus you don’t need to get your ID out.

    If you just have Clear (#2 above) you will get the ID/Boarding Pass verification process done by Clear but you will be routed to the Standard screening line. So, having Clear and TSA Pre-Check may get you through the whole process quicker depending on what the lines actually are like.

    Lately, when you get to where the TSA agent is, they will alternate between the Clear and TSA Pre Check line. I have also experienced situations where the line for TSA Pre Check only is really backed up and the TSA agent moved more passengers from that line instead of a 1:1 ratio.

    So, for #3 and #4 , everybody applies and pays for TSA Pre-Check (one way or another; full price, credit card credit, or included in your GOES purchase). With Clear you are paying for faster ID/Boarding Pass verification (cost can be an issue $189/year but if you are a United or Delta frequent flier there are discounts up to free membership for higher status). Hope this helps…

  2. Lol I read the article title and was thinking it was going to be how it’s annoying when you go to an airport that doesn’t have clear and have to wait in a long line bc you are used to using clear and get through so quickly. Would have been a much better article than what it was. Just one long complaint over a couple hundred dollars a year. People spend way more than that on stupid stuff every year.

  3. Let’s say, just for the sake of argument, we ban clear:
    Lines would be longer, not shorter as the people who, in this person’s mind are “cutting” have had biometrics checked by clear. Now the TSA agent will need to check those additional people.
    Wait until this author finds out about the private suite at LAX.
    Maybe they will even find out about private terminals!
    This just seems like someone upset that people who spend more, get more. Sorry but someone buying a $1000 a night hotel room will get a better check in experience than someone at motel 7 for 49.95.
    This is one of the disadvantages of a capitalist society.

  4. I sorta get the Clear argument. With precheck, you’re paying (and agreeing) to have a background check done which puts you in a category of “safer” travelers. With Clear, you’re just paying to skip a line of people just like you.

    Paying for better service from Government seems like a slippery slope. That said, I’m a Clear member; I’d be stupid not to be. 😀

  5. The author himself is in a TSA precheck line which either he paid for or was reimbursed for by a credit card. Do the people going through regular TSA screening get upset by those in the TSA precheck line? He is just as quilty as those who pay or reimbursed by a credit card for the added benefit of CLEAR. What a hypocrite!

    • I guess he was annoyed that they don’t do background checks for Clear etc. I didn’t get the argument really.

    • All they need is to get one of the 47 Amex cards that have it and then can hang with the cool line cutting kids lol


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