Costco’s Profitable iTunes Gift Card Deal Returns for 2019!

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Costco iTunes Gift Card Deal

Costco iTunes Gift Card Deal

During the end of 2018 Costco got in the habit of releasing a new iTunes gift card deal every few weeks. Despite a brief hiatus to start 2019, the popular Costco iTunes gift card sale is back. Let’s take a look.

Costco iTunes Offer

Costco is selling discounted iTunes gift cards with email delivery in different denominations. You can save over 15%. Here are the deals:

  • $100 iTunes Code E-Delivery $84.49 (Limit 2)
  • $25 iTunes Code E-Delivery $21.49 (Limit 2)

Key Terms

  • Membership required
  • Valid 2/10/19 through 2/16/19. While supplies last.

How to Maximize

These deals are great if you are looking to meet a minimum spend on a particular card. If not, use are card that earns at least 2% back on the purchase. Depending on your bulk relationships, you might be able to sell these cards for a small profit as well and don’t forget Executive members receive 2% back from Costco on all purchases including gift cards.


I gladly purchased the limit during every one of these deals last year. Not only do I make a profit by selling them, I earn credit card rewards and cash back as an Executive member. Over time it all adds up!


  1. @Shawn: I don’t know how this is profitable for? I can buy it but not sure where to spend or sell this with profitable margin? Will be helpful if you share any information for this?

    • Hey Div. Look back through some of the gift card selling archives on the site. We don’t recommend any specific companies, but there are places you can sell iTunes for 85% or more.

      • Hi Shawn, thanks for your response. Well, I tried many online places but no one gives batter rate than 70%.
        Anyways, thanks for the info. If you have any other method to use them, would be willing to listen.


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