Delta’s Response To The Emotional Support Animal Epidemic? Hi Tech & Super Expensive Pet Carriers

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Delta Introduces New High-Tech Pet Carrier

Delta Introduces New High-Tech Pet Carrier

Delta Air Lines has a new best-in-class travel experience for pets and their owners with the exclusive launch of CarePod. It provides many industry-leading features including real-time updates throughout the journey, heralds a new standard of first-class safety and care for pet air travel.

After five years of research, development and testing, on top of a successful two-month trial, CarePod will be exclusively offered at eight U.S. locations: Atlanta, Boston, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York (JFK and LaGuardia), San Francisco and West Palm Beach. After that, it will slowly be rolled out across Delta’s U.S. network.

At $850 one way, the new crate for the cargo hold isn’t cheap. But, the CarePod pet travel carrier has several innovative safety features that make it the ultimate air travel experience for pets.

Here are some of the features
  • Stronger, industrial strength walls that are insulated to protect your pet against potential temperature fluctuations when moving between different climates and travel conditions.
  • Multi-layered windows and doors with specially angled blinds to help create a calming environment for pets by blocking out visual stress from unfamiliar environments.
  • The world’s first built-in hydration system for pet travel carriers, holding up to a liter of water that will auto replenish the spill-proof water bowl to ensure pets always have easy access to fresh water.
  • A powerful, enterprise level GPS tracking and monitoring system that connects your pet’s journey directly to the specialized Delta Cargo Control Center. The Center is managed 24/7/365 by trained experts who supervise and digitally monitor every CarePod pet journey from beginning to end, with the expertise and authority to send out the right staff on the ground to check on the pet if needed.
  • Seamless connectivity that enables you to use your mobile phone to view your pet’s key travel updates throughout their entire journey via
  • CarePod pet travel carriers are made to the highest quality and standard, with human grade materials that are non-toxic, UV and antibacterial treated for longer lasting strength and protection.

For dogs and cats only, the CarePod is roughly under two feet high and large enough for a dog up to 50 lbs. Animals need to be able to sit and move around in the carrier, or else they can’t fly.

Source: Delta


  1. I’m not sure if the people with these emotional support animals care, but whenever I see a person with one it just signals to the world that there’s something not quite right with that person. Also, it always seems to be women with these animals. I’ve never seen a guy with an emotional support anything.

    • They probably don’t care what you think, as evidenced by their taking animals on the plane and irritating asthmatics like me.

      I agree – don’t recall seeing any males with any emo support animals…

    • Nobody allows my emotional support dinner forks in the cabin. I have to have them with me. They’re like my children.

  2. Cool. Make everyone currently dragging Fluffy onto the plane buy them – no exceptions. Unless you have a real service dog, use the crate or keep the dog home.


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