Domestic Travel Vaccine Requirement Could Be Coming Soon

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Domestic Travel Vaccine Requirement

Domestic Travel Vaccine Requirement Could Be Coming Soon

A vaccine mandate for domestic air travel could be coming soon. Apparently the option is not off the table completely. President Biden said Tuesday he would impose a mandate that Americans be vaccinated against COVID-19 for domestic travel if his medical team recommends it.

When asked when he would make a decision on domestic travel vaccine requirements, Biden told reporters, “when I get a recommendation from the medical team,” The Hill reports.

The idea is not new. A vaccine requirement for domestic travel has been talked about for months. The new and more contagious omicron variant has caused the White House to revisit the option. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top U.S. infectious disease expert, also said Monday the nation should consider a vaccination mandate for domestic air travel.

The U.S. currently mandates that most foreign nationals traveling to the U.S. be fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. But citizens and permanent residents only need to show proof of a negative test taken no more than 1 day before travel. Domestically, there’s no vaccine or negative test requirement for air travel. Hawaii is the only state that requires proof of vaccination or a negative test to avoid a mandatory quarantine.

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  1. I’ll go back to one of our founding fathers opinion on this “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” ― Benjamin Franklin

  2. It makes me sad how gullible and uninformed people are; it took years to fully understand the long term effects of vaccines for polio and influenza. Almost all of this process has been done under emergency authorization, in under two years. In fact, the Biden administration continues to push boosters for the majority of the population despite the FDA board of advisors voting against it for anyone under 65. I am vaxed and boosted. I’m not having any more kids and travel for work. But none of my daughters (all under 30) have gotten the shot and I support them. There is very little research still on the fertility impacts. Our family doctor told them she would not do it at their age. Good enough for me.

  3. First, DDG, thank you for your efforts with this post.
    Second, I am vaccinated (two initial Moderna injections, 1one Moderna booster). All of my children received all of their childhood vaccines (thankfully !!). So I am not anti-vax.
    Third, clearly both the mRNA vaccines and the J&J adenovirus-based vaccine work AS INTENDED. Namely, they significantly (statistically so) the incidence of death and hospitalization, as designed. BUT, they apparently do NOT prevent infection with any of the variants and they do not prevent virus transmission. These are facts (not some right-wing nut conspiracy).
    What, exactly, is the purpose of the domestic travel ban for anyone not vaccinated? Is it to reduce infection with the virus? Because, if so, any type of clustered gathering (riding on a subway car, or standing in line at the grocery store, or …) should be under the same rigid controls. Or perhaps it is to reduce death. But I would argue that there are many other ways to do that (such as avoidance of exposure, probably the most effective deterrent).
    I support vaccination, and encourage all to be vaccinated if medically possible. But preventing travel for those not vaccinated is a very heavy-handed approach.
    And if we mandate this for air travel, should someone riding an Amtrak train from state to state (such as New Jersey to New York) be under the same requirements? Or someone riding a bus from state to state (such as from Los Angeles to Las Vegas)? Where does this end? And why?
    Dumb ideas should be allowed to die their own (correct) deaths. Let’s focus on ways to control the pandemic, and to minimize the impact on all of us.

  4. Its amazing how many people just regurgitate the talking points of their tribe instead of thoughtfully analyzing an issue, that is the problem with our country right now…not the virus…
    It will be years before they know everything about covid so saying facts one way or another is not being factual.

  5. Absolute nonsense. That vaccine will NOT keep you from catching it. It will NOT keep you from spreading it. You vaccine cultists who think you’re safer sitting next to someone who’s vaxxed need to turn off the TV and turn on your brain to start thinking logically.

      • What nonsense? It is now widely acknowledged by the CDC that the vaccines are no longer effective at preventing disease or transmission with the Omicron variant that is overwhelmingly prevalent now. The vaccines *may* still help prevent severe disease, but the jury is out on that – and based on anecdotal experience (which shapes my view of the world), my vaxxed friends have had at least as severe – and in two cases much more severe bouts of covid recently. The vaccines appear to have no effect at all. So I echo James above and the newest post from EdSparks58 that mandates for air travel would seem to offer no benefit at this time.

    • 1000% agree. Anyone who thinks otherwise hasn’t fully educated themselves and looked at the data from other places like Israel, Iceland, Seychelles, etc.

      The jabs don’t work and no one should be kept from being able to drive when and how they want!

  6. As soon as I read the headline of this article I knew the comment section would be on fire.

    I can appreciate the sharing of information but this topic is very sensitive to folks and it seems like MtM is just stirring the emotional pot.

    The emotions in the comment section should come as no shock to MtM unless instigating was the intent…and if so, mission accomplished.

    • We are sharing travel news that could be a potential change. Not sure how it could be looked at any other way. People acting like children in the comments section is on them. We discussed blocking comments on articles like this for that very reason but it is a slippery slope we don’t think we want to cross. Plus it would negate helpful comments that do happen. You can also read the article for the necessary information and skip the comments. I thought you would know us better than that Heavy.

    • Most likely just fear mongering to get people vaxxed. The other day Fauci talked about a mandate for flights, the walked it back within hours. It would be the height of stupidity for Biden to try another mandate before the Supreme Court rules on the mandates he’s issued so far.

      • No, he can’t and shouldn’t. The Constitution protects our freedom to travel freely across the country and any EO to the contrary would be 100% unconstitutional.

        It’s people like you, George, who don’t seem to grasp the importance of the Constitution and the fact that it can’t be trampled on.

  7. A domestic travel vaccination requirement would sure make a lot more sense if the vaccines were effective…
    And if you are going to have a vaccine requirement, it would be arbitrarily discriminatory to not also allow evidence of natural immunity to meet the requirement.

      • No, they don’t and you really need to educate yourself on the safety and efficacy of the jabs. Anyone who says they’re ‘safe and effective’ is either complicit, intellectually lazy or both.

  8. The chances of this actually happening are practically zero. It may not be legal (and even if it is, it’ll get bogged down in lawsuits the second they announce anything), it will cause an uproar in Congress (which Biden can ill afford with majorities so small), and may cause the airlines to lose $$ (not good going into an election year).

  9. I think this is a great idea, but the gummint will also have to place, or urge to be placed, extra security at all travel points because there are so many nutters who will take their frustrations out on the people at those travel points. (Airports, train and bus stations, etc.)

    Doing this would only bring us in line with so many other countries fighting this awful pandemic. I, for one, think it is far past the time this be done and hold up Italy as an example of how to do stringent efforts against the disease.

    • looks like it’s working in Italy. Record high cases, deaths rising.

      variants from vaccines. vax = DOA…literally!

    • There are other countries that allow you to take off your mask after take off. This is all a ruse to get you to think this is a normal thing. The FA unions embrace it just like teachers unions because they get away with doing nothing but sitting on their asses and gossiping the whole flight.

    • Because it is newsworthy and something that could affect millions of people. Sounds like a good enough reason for me…


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