How Easy Was It to Hack Equifax? They Used ‘admin’ for Username & Password

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equifax admin password

How Easy Was It to Hack Equifax? They Used ‘admin’ for Username & Password

Equifax was hit with a class action lawsuit earlier this year over a huge data breach that affected most Americans. They settled for $671 million. Most people were expected to receive a payout of $100 or more, but soon it was clear that it would be much less than that. Then it became even harder to claim a cash settlement at all.

Now there’s some more details about the data breach. Buzzfeed reporter Jane Lytvynenko came across some interesting information in the lawsuit filed in federal court in the Northern District of Georgia.

“Equifax employed the username ‘admin’ and the password ‘admin’ to protect a portal used to manage credit disputes, a password that ‘is a surefire way to get hacked,’” the lawsuit reads. Yes, it was that easy to get into some of your personal information that was supposed to be safeguarded by Equifax.


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    Keep promoting idiots — see what kind of world you end up with.

  2. Yes, the huge $90mil retirement bonus for former CEO is richly deserved. Unbridled capitalism at it’s best….who needs more government oversight?


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