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Our Favorite Travel Hacks For Airlines, Reader Suggestions Shared

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Favorite Travel Hacks For Airlines

Favorite Travel Hacks For Airlines

Last week I shared that I had dusted off my favorite airline hack on a recent Southwest flight. In that article I asked others to share their favorite hacks while flying and I would pick a winner to win a gift card. I figured it would be fun to compile them for you all as well plus feel free to share some we missed in the comments.

My Airline Travel Hack – Impromptu Cell Phone Holder

Here is my favorite hack shared in the article last week:

This airline hack assumes you have a phone case (I mean who doesn’t) and that the case doesn’t have a flip stand etc. built in. The only other thing you need is a piece of paper or something that won’t easily rip. A printed boarding pass works perfectly, yes I still do that most of the time.

Favorite Travel Hacks For Airlines

This comes in handy since your phone isn’t big enough to rest on the tray table and lean it on the seat in front of you. It allows you to watch whatever you downloaded without needing to hold your phone or needing to look down the entire flight giving you a massive crick your neck.

Readers Share Their Favorite Travel Hacks For Airlines

Here are some of the tips shared in the comments:

I Love Dan shared that they like to find free street parking near LGA or JFK, park there and then hop in a cheap Uber to the airport. This can save you quite a bit of money versus paying the $10-$20 a day in parking fees. Just be careful that you know the area you park in and that it is safe. I used to sometimes use a hotel by the airport that included parking in the price and you could book it with points.

Andrew P. likes using that button under the aisle arm rest that lets you lift it up for extra space. This is an option on many airlines and most people don’t know it is there.

Debbie brings a good blow up pillow so it doesn’t take up a ton of luggage space when not in use. Bruno tossed in that he brings a few pillow cases for his to keep it softer.

Our own John Ryan loves the tried and true hack of bringing an empty water bottle through security and then filling it up after getting through. Saving on the $5 waters in the shops!

Eric F. alerted me to the fact that there are things called snug plugs that help with loose wall sockets where your chargers easily fall out.

Pam shared a tablet holder called the fold and go that works as a stand or connects to the back of the seat in front of you. Here is a link if interested in checking it out.

Favorite Travel Hacks For Airlines

Favorite Travel Hacks For Airlines: Winner Of The Contest

Jim’s favorite travel hack was my favorite for its simplicity but also because it was so obvious and I never considered it. Jim likes to bring a coffee cup on board the plane but any drink holder / water bottle etc. would suffice.

He usually brings some fresh coffee on and asks for Bailey’s for it. But the key is if you have your own container they won’t take it away after the pre-departure drink (if in first) or on final decent. For whatever reason you are allowed to keep sipping on anything you brought on the plane. The distinction on their part doesn’t make sense from a “safety” perspective but it is a way to enjoy a beverage the entire flight.

Movie Winner

I was also curious if anyone could pick up the movie on my phone just from the screen shot. If they could they would win a gift card as well. I Love Dan correctly guessed The Protege. I am a big Maggie Q fan so I enjoyed it but it is a standard predictable revenge / action flick.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you found some of these airline hack travel tips interesting or useful. If there is one you use that we didn’t mention be sure to share it in the comments below. Maybe I’ll give out a gift card randomly if it is good enough!

I hope everyone is having a happy and cancellation free 4th of July!

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Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann
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  1. If you are limited on carry on, try using a neck pillow. Remove the inside of the neck pillow and instead stuff clothes into the pillow. Put in around your neck. This does not count as a carry on, but allows for more to be carried on!

  2. I bring a big jug of ice cubes. Ice cubes are not liquids so they go through TSA with ease. If no water in the terminal, I can let the ice melt or suck on the cubes until I get on the plane. Most people don’t realize ice is allowed!

  3. Sadly in far too many airports there are no drinking fountains so you are forced to buy water, even if you brought an empty bottle. That was the situation at Marco Polo airport in Venice recently. Further than that some airports don’t even have cold water in the bathroom taps, so you can’t fill up with tap water even if you wanted to.

  4. I like to peel off that self-adhesive baggage claim sticker they give me in exchanged for my checked bag and stick it on the underside of my shirt sleeve. It stays put for the flight. I don’t have to keep up with it. And, it’s there when I need to locate my bag at my final destination, or if – God forbid – I have to file a claim for lost luggage.

    • That is a good one Michael – I like it. I hate digging around in my pockets or bags when I need to find something.

    • I was once told by an airline employee to take a picture of my baggage claim sticker,I had to pick my bag the day after my flight and the picture worked fine.

  5. Better take some wet-wipes with you: wipe down the tray table, the lock for the tray table, the seatbelt hasp, and the recliner button. Don’t forget the overhead light and air nozzle. “Aircraft Appearance” (aka the cleaning crew) never does anything to assure that you’ll be sitting is a clean space for several hours. You never know who was there before you, the status of their health, and exactly what they did while there were sitting there (yuch!). No….I’m not a germaphobe (but I don’t eat off other’s dinnerware either).

  6. Best way to minimize travel stress, check in & security & passport control & boarding queues, sleep comfortably with great food and not be bumped, lose luggage and a lot of money is … to stay home. At least until staffing return to pre Covid levels. Wisest hack of all right now.

  7. Any snug plug fix for European outlets? Another hot tip: Wear a shirt with a breast pocket. Great for hotel key (avoid deactivating next to cell phone), boarding pass, etc…

  8. be careful….when you google snug plugs…some sort of anal play toy has that same name and is the most searched item….you may want to post a link?

  9. Fair warning about the empty water bottle hack: It does not work in SFO’s international terminal. The terminal was built with NO public water fountains for exactly this reason. Evidently, the vendor leases provide the airport for a percentage of revenues. So, of course. How petty.

    • When I think about it, I don’t ever remember seeing one. But, you can walk over to Terminal 3 if you are at International Terminal G or Terminal 1 for International Terminal A. They have refilling stations right when you exit security, and you can choose between hot or cold water. In my opinion, that’s one of the best amenities an airport can offer.


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