Google Travel Helps You Pick Best Time to Travel Based on Price, Crowds and Weather

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Google Travel Helps You Pick Best Time to Travel

Google Travel Helps You Pick Best Time to Travel

Google has updated its popular travel site with new features that will provide more information to help you plan your next trip. Google Travel now shows you things like the cheapest and most expensive times of year at your destination, as well as the typical weather in that place.

The new update lets you plan your vacation based on price variations during the year, weather at your destination and it popularity during each month. When you search for a destination, there’s a new tab that shows three options:

  • Where to stay – It gives you hotel recommendations and prices
  • When to visit – Shows you typical weather conditions, how busy the destination usually is at a given month, and when it’s the least expensive.
  • What you’ll pay – Gives you moore information on price ranges for hotels.

Here is what a search for New York City looks like for example:

It shows that May, June and July are the busiest months for New York City. September and October are the most expensive months.  The detailed information might not work for every single destination, but it should be available for most cities around the world.

Let us know if you find this new Google Travel options useful when planning your next trip.


  1. I’m not sure how this is any different than setting up your parameters on Priceline and running scenarios. I played with this for a bit and don’t see the “revolutionary” improvements this and other sites are wowed over. New York is cheaper in the winter. Duh. Also, somewhere I read that you can list the full prices. Can’t find that feature, either.

    I know they have the data, so if they really wanted to blow the doors off, here’s the game-changer: pick a property, or properties, and have it build a daily price calendar, similar to Southwest’s website. I want to go to New Orleans in the spring and stay in one of these 10 specific properties, what specific days can I go to save the most money?

    I am planning an upcoming trip to Asheville, and it is always expensive, if you average out the daily prices. I am not sure how much a heat map would help. However, in the winter, weekends are still expensive, but weekdays are 1/2 to 1/3 the price of Fridays and Saturdays (as are tickets to the Biltmore Estate, rental cars, etc).


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