Gyft: 20% off Lowe’s & 5X UR Points, Plus More Brands

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gyft discounted gift cards

Gyft: Discounted Lowe’s, Nike, Express Gift Cards and More Plus 5X

Gyft has a few gift card discounts available. Take a looks if you see any of your favorite brands. You also can earn 5X on these purchases, so the sale gets much better.

The Offers


This is a good discount for those who who have any planned purchases at these brands and you can even net some cheap UR points, depending on your reselling relationship. These deals do typically sell out fast, so it is always a wise idea to buy as soon as possible.

A couple of these might have been around for a bit, so if you have done them already and maxed out the 5 limit, you won’t be able to do again.

Happy shopping!


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